This is a question we get a lot. What are the top indie games?

It’s a question that is nearly impossible to answer. The rank and file is relatively volatile and ultimately it comes down to preference and style of game you wish to play. So, seeing as this site is intended for developers and gamers to openly state opinions, recommendations, etc, we ask you this question.

What are your top indie games by category right now? Leave a comment and share your opinions below!

Top Free Indie Games

This should speak for itself, but in case there are any questions, we are looking for some truly free to play option here. There may be an element of pay-to-win, and if that is the case please call it out as a disclaimer when you comment.

Top Indie Games on Steam

Yep, this is absolutely intended to be the popularity contest category. What game do you LOVE that is available on Steam? Why do you love it? What makes it a game you can’t wait to pick back up again, and why?

Top Indie Developers

Maybe it is just too hard to narrow it down to a specific game. Maybe you are a fan of a specific developer or developer studio. If that is the case than show them some love in the comments! Not only will you be giving the developer an ego boost, but you will be helping them earn exposure and give them an opportunity to be supported by your fellow gamers!

Best Platform for Indie Games

Whether you have a specific passion for a specific console or you are a PC gamer at heart, show your love for the platform you feel has the best indie options. Gamers will take recommendations from other gamers. Don’t believe me? Think about the last couple of games you purchased and why.

Let’s take it a step further. Think about the last console, laptop, or desktop you purchased and why?

Ultimately it comes down to the fact that as gamers, we trust the recommendation and hands on experience of other gamers. If you think the Nintendo Switch is the best console for indie games, show it some love and back it up with your experiences. If PC will always reign supreme, then explain what it is about the PC experience that enhances your gaming style!

Top Indie Game by Genre

This should be 100% opinion based. There are no wrong answers here, just your own personal preference. This is where recommendations should get really specific.

Let me be the first to get this topic going!

I enjoy dungeon-crawlers. Awhile back I tested a game in early development called Boss Crushers and had a ton of fun with it. I liked it because it came with a relatively low cost of entry, but also presented enough of a challenge that made me want to keep playing and testing out different characters.

While the reviews are mixed on Steam, there are not many other games that have local and online multiplayer for just $15 with a large amount of content.

Just my $.02 so if any of you give it a shot, please shoot me a note below and let me know how you like it. Feel free to help out the developer, Space Horse, by leaving a review on Steam as well!

Top Indie Streamer

Let us know who you follow and why you like their content. There are tons of streamers these days all doing it for different reasons, but it’s the entertaining ones we want to know about! If you are the streamer, than share your broadcast here as well! Don’t be shy, but be sure to call out the type of content you stream and why people should be subscribing to your content.

Let’s Tawk

Comment on any or all of these topics below. The more you share the more we can help this community grow!

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