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Company Spotlight: Qubic Games

Qubic Games is doing some fun and unique things with the Nintendo Switch. In 2018, they have plans to port 10 games to the Switch and they are capable of porting up to 3 games simultaneously. They are currently looking to work with development teams with plans to publish to the Switch.

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Getting to Know Robbie Swifthand

The makers of Robbie Swifthand and the Orb of Mysteries, Pixel Reign, uploaded a demo to GameJolt less than 4 months ago. In that amount of time it became the NUMBER ONE platformer on GameJolt worldwide and gamers reviewed it as a 4.7 out of a possible score of 5! And now here is the best news… The game has been approved for early access on Steam!

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Redonkulous Recommends: Mirrors on Steam

Mirrors is a fun little puzzler that progressively increases in difficulty as you advance through multiple levels of a tomb. The game does a great job of slowly introducing you to new mechanics such as pillars, freezing traps, and even mummies. Your goal is simple: advance through the tomb by unlocking the door with a laser by utilizing mirrors. Game Play […]

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Was Super Mario Odyssey Over-Hyped?

It is fair to say the Nintendo Switch community has been “under the influence” for the better part of a week. Couple that with the sleep deprivation required to play Super Mario Odyssey right at launch into the wee hours of the morning, and it is pretty easy to understand why so many are drinking the Mario-flavored kool-aid. 

But after that long wait and all the marketing and social media noise surrounding Super Mario Odyssey, was the game over-hyped?

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Robonauts: Nintendo Switch Review

Robonauts is a great highlight and success story for Qubic Games as it truly combines the classic arcade style with a multi-dimensional platformer. If you are unfamiliar with Qubic Games then you won’t be for long. Qubic Games has a bevy of new titles queued up for release on Nintendo Switch.