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Our Mission for Gamers

We are gamers that have combined experiences that go back to the Apple II e days of gaming and have played a wide variety of games since then.  While beginning this endeavor we noticed that there were gaps on the indie game scene and most of the time there wasn’t much information about indie games that were in the works or getting ready to be released.




Redonkulous Gaming is focused on indie titles.  We want to create a window into game studios to allow gamers and the community to discover the passion that drives a studio to develop a game.  We hope to provide interviews, reviews and anything commentary to drive interesting conversation and interaction. 



revhead coverWe also hope that our content will open gamers to titles they never thought to play. We encourage gamers who follow us to send us games or ideas that they would like to see in the spotlight. Contact us and let us know what you want to see more of.