Happy Brawl-o-ween!

Why go trick-or-treating when you can stay in and enjoy all the new content that dropped this week for Brawl Stars latest patch, Brawl-o-ween.

We were lucky enough to have a new brawler drop, in addition to a new way to enjoy showdown. We also saw some re-balancing to the current Brawl Stars roster and the addition new skins. PLUS a new game mode appear in the events menu, Power Play, which is something for players with a roster of level 10 brawlers will surely enjoy. We also saw some other minor updates along with a few quality of life changes that we will touch on.

The full list of changes can be found in the patch notes here.

New Brawler – Emz

Emz is a social media fanatic and simply needs more selfies in her life. She also needs to look good meaning she cannot leave her grave without her hairspray in tow. Emz is unlocked for everyone who has achieved 8,000 trophies on Trophy Road.

  • Main Attack: Spray – Shoot a cloud of toxic hairspray in a frontal cone hitting for extra damage for enemies that stay in the cloud
  • Super: Caustic Charisma – Slow and damage enemies within a certain radius of Emz
  • First Star Power: Bad Karma – Increase damage to spray by 20%
  • Second Star Power (not yet released): Hype – Emz heals for 200 HP per second for each enemy caught in Caustic Charisma

Emz is pretty effective and can always be viewed as the anti-Shelly. She is more effective at the maximum length of her mid range attack. Facing Emz will force players who run away in a straight line to break some habits and instead evade side-to-side or bull rush to defeat her.

Showdown – Graveyard Shift

This version of showdown will only be available during the Brawl-o-ween event and requires the player to have unlocked at least 500 trophies on Trophy Road. This event will carry a Life Leech affix, which will make it impossible to heal outside of combat. Instead, a small dot is placed on all brawlers and the only way to heal is to damage and defeat other brawlers. Once you have defeated a brawler, you (and your teammate) will be healed to full health. 80% of damage dealt will restore your HP in battle. Healing is shared in Duo Showdown.

New Game Mode: Power Play

At long last, Brawl Stars has some more official endgame content! Power Play was announced and is intended for brawlers that have unlocked their Star Power(s). Additionally, you will be limited to only playing this game mode up to 3 times a day and you will be ranked based on a ladder system. Each season for Power Play will go for 14 days and each match will award you with points based on how you fared.

For 3v3 Power Play

  • 30 points will be awarded to winning brawlers
  • 15 points will be awarded in the event of a tie
  • 5 points will be awarded for a loss

Non 3v3 play will award points based on overall match finish. Keep in mind that Power Play is not linked to trophy count, and is independent from the rest of the game. It will also have a meta for those who are trying to take the challenge even further.

Epic Win! When you win a 3v3 Power Play match by achieving specific goals, you get 3 extra points!

  • Gem Grab = Win the match before the 15th Gem spawns

  • Heist/Seige = Win with at least 80% Safe/Base health remaining

  • Brawl Ball = Win 2-0

  • Bounty = Win by 10+ stars

At the end of the 14 day season, awards will be given based on how many points you have. The top 200 players globally will receive additional rewards.

New Skins and Map Changes

Shelly, Leon, Piper, Frank, and Jessie are all getting new looks.

  • Witch Shelly – 150 Gems
  • Werewolf Leon – 150 Gems
  • Piper Calavera – 80 Gems
  • Shadow Knight Kessie – 10,000 Star Points
  • DJ Frank – 80 Gems

You will see thematic ‘Mortis Mortuary’ changes to all Takedown maps, in addition to several others as well to honor the in game event. You will also notice that the Boss in the Takedown game mode has several new abilities to show off. New maps for Takedown and Lone Star have also been added.

Brawler Balance and Quality of Life Changes

Due to the introduction of Emz, the list of changes to brawlers to quite extensive, so we encourage you to view the full patch notes on Reddit.

Other quality of life changes worth noting are:

  • Takedown & Lone Star: Player Rank is now displayed numerically in the top right corner of the screen

  • Add an option to add friends with account ID

  • Game Rooms: Added back the option for game room members to invite anyone into the room

  • Player profile is now separated from the Trophy Road

  • Friendly Game room mode selection now remembers the previously selected game mode

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