Whew! You made it. At this point you have a pretty good understanding of the game as a whole and you have even taken the time to learn a bit about the different brawlers and the roles that they play. Kudos. Now we just need to hit on what the heck you will be doing while grinding trophies with your new shiny Nita!

In this post I will discuss the different game modes and basic strategy to win early on, with no Star Powers.

Gem Grab

Gem Grab will be your first real taste of Brawl Stars. Luckily you have a solid brawler in Shelly to get you off to a good start. Gem Grab is a team game in which you will work for dominance over the middle of the map to obtain at least 10 gems to win. Where this is nuanced is during a tight game, where you and the opposing team are holding onto the same number of gems. If my team has 10 gems and your team also has 10 gems (or more), then we need to work to break the stalemate. Once a team holds more gems than the other (>10+) a countdown will ensue. You and your team must either fight, hide, or flee to secure victory until the countdown is completed. If a gem carrier dies, they drop ALL of their gems and anyone on either team can pick them up.

Basic Tips

  1. Focus on survival. You can’t help your team if you are dead.
  2. Protect your gem carrier. If you don’t have any gems then you should do everything you can to stop the opposing team from taking out your gem carrier.
  3. Don’t be afraid to run if you are the gem carrier. You damage output doesn’t matter if you are holding all the gems. Run and hide and let your team protect you.

This is the first game mode you will unlock on Trophy Road and it can be experienced solo or with a partner. This mode really comes down to the last person or team standing. Kill or be killed. If playing solo, there is no respawn, so you will need to choose when to attack and when to run. When playing with a partner, if one member of the team dies, the other must stay alive long enough to prompt a respawn. These respawns are unlimited as long as at least one member of the team is alive.

This game mode does have an enrage timer, as poison will slowly creep into the arena forcing players towards the middle to battle. As you move about the arena you will want to break open the crates and obtain power cubes which will allow your brawler to do more damage while also increasing your (and teammate’s) health pool. Power cubes are also awarded by defeating opposing brawlers, but they can be picked up by anyone.

Basic Tips

  1. Survival. This will be an ongoing theme. Live as long as possible and find windows to attack.
  2. Force opposing players into battle. Preferably with you participating from a safe distance so that you can engage the winner while they are weak and steal some extra power cubes.
  3. Get to know the different affixes for each map and how to use them to your advantage.
Brawl Ball

This is essentially soccer in the form of brawling. The first team to two goals will win. If two goals are not scored by either team within the time frame of the game, you will go into sudden death overtime. The game will end in a tie if no goals are scored in overtime. This game mode is played 3 vs 3. This is a game mode that requires you to understand the role of that particular brawler based on your team’s composition.

For example, Shelly is one of many brawlers that have the ability to destroy cover on the battlefield. Since the object of the game is to score goals and not necessarily opposing brawlers, I may find a better use for Shelly’s super to be destroying a wall and creating a path for a teammate to score a goal. On the flip side, if my team doesn’t have the ball and I am trying to defend my goal with Shelly, I would want to use my super on the ball carrier so that they drop the ball and cannot take a shot.

Basic Tips

  1. Learn your selected brawlers role based on group composition. Are you a scorer? Support? Damage dealer? Defender?
  2. Scoring is more important than brawling.
  3. Be weary of brawlers that can close gaps in a hurry. Such as: Darryl, El Primo, Bull, etc.
Weekend/Ticket Events

You will unlock the weekend events fairly early on once you have claimed 350 trophies across all your brawlers on Trophy Roads. As the heading suggests, these events become available over the weekend and require tickets to participate in. If you need a reminder on how to obtain tickets, feel free to check out the currency section of this post.

These events rotate through several game modes. These events are independent of the other game modes because your reward is based on the amount of tickets you spend to gain access along with your performance during the event. There is no limitation outside of the total number of tickets you have to spend. An example of a weekend event is the BIG GAME mode.

In Big Game, you can spend anywhere from 1-20 tickets to enter. You are required to solo queue for this event because you will randomly be assigned to either be the ‘Big Brawler’ (the hunted) or one of five hunters. If you become the Big Brawler your main goal is staying alive as long as possible. The longer you live, the bigger the reward. This is multiplied based on how many tickets you chose to enter with. Try to aim for 2.5+ minutes or better at the Big Brawler. If you are a hunter, you will want to work as a team to bring down the Big Brawler. Try to shoot for less than two minutes to take down the Big Brawler for optimal rewards.

Basic Tips

  1. The more tickets you spend, the more tokens you are capable of cashing in on.
  2. Tokens earned from weekend events are not part of your normal potential earnings.
  3. Do this at least once when they are unlocked, even if you have a low ticket count in order to earn the extra Star Token.

The objective for Heist seems relatively easy, but the map and opposing team composition can make it rather challenging. You will play on a team of 3 and your sole objective is to break open the opposing team’s safe. First team to do it wins, or the team with the most damage done to the opposing team’s safe wins. Either way works, but you will need to keep an eye on your safe’s health to figure out when to attack and when to defend. The map in which Heist is played on will also likely play to certain brawler’s strengths, such as throwers. For example, if a safe is surrounded by cover, early success will likely go to the team with the most effective thrower, since they do not need to worry about getting around walls to attack.

This is a game mode that is a lot of fun with friends, especially if you can plan a team and formulate a strategy that you like. This can often be an early-game source for trophy climbing. However, the opposite may be true later in the game as competition improves.

Basic Tips

  1. View map before selecting your brawler for optimal results.
  2. Sustain damage on the opposing safe, but fall back as needed to protect your own.
  3. Try to compliment what your teammates are doing where possible.

Bounty is a really competitive game mode as just about every rank. That is not to say that you won’t experience or be a part of some blowout wins or losses, but overall there are various elements you will need to account for. Bounty is a 3 vs 3 team arena where the goal is to collect more starts than the opposing team. Stars are earned by defeating opposing players and collecting the bounty, which is literally displayed on their head.

When an opponent is defeated, your team will be awarded with the number of stars that player was worth. Whereas the brawler who defeated the other will see their bounty worth increase by 1. The weight of a bounty is displayed by the number of stars above that brawlers head. Your defeat can mean anywhere from 2-7 stars awarded to the opposing team. The more opponents you defeat, the more your own demise will be worth. So while this is a game about individual performance, it is a balancing act between knowing when to attack or retreat based on how your overall team is performing.

This is also a timed match, which means you will have to keep an eye on how much time is left so that you can determine if your team needs more stars or if you should just be focused on surviving to preserve the win.

Basic Tips

  1.  Don’t be overly aggressive. You will essentially just be a lamb for slaughter and feed the other team stars.
  2. Be opportunistic with attacks.
  3. In a close game, focus on survival and keeping the opposing team away from your team’s highest bounty.

Siege has already been through a couple iterations as Supercell has tried to streamline one of its more complex game modes. In it’s current state, Siege is about protection your teams turret, while also farming bolts to help build an attack robot. There are essentially three rounds to this game where teams of 3 start in their own base and in the middle of the map bolts will randomly spawn. You will fight over the middle to have more bolts than the opposing team when the time for each round runs out. If your team has more bolts than the other, than a large robot will spawn in your base and launch an attack on the opposing team’s turret. The level of the robot along with its potency will increase based on the number of bolts your team has.

If your team succeeds in building the robot, then you allow the robot to act as your shield from the opposing teams turret. The turret will automatically attack whatever is closest to it once you cross over to the enemy base. Your goal is to do as much damage as possible to the enemy turret during this phase. On the flip side, if your team is defending against the robot, then you will want to attack the robot and opposing players in order to protect your base. If your turret is destroyed, you lose. This cycle repeats up to two more times. If neither turret is destroyed, then the team that dealt the most damage to the opposing turret wins.

Basic Tips

  1. Work to control the middle. If you control the middle you will gather more bolts and stronger robots.
  2. Survive. If you die frequently then your team will likely lose the battle over the middle.
  3. Help defend. Don’t assume your team can do it without you.
New Game Modes

There are a total of three game modes that have come out in the last month or so, that are essentially building off of the modes that already exist. Lonestar and Takedown are mainstays in the daily rotation.

Lonestar is essentially Solo Showdown mixed with Bounty. It is played on a Showdown map, except you get unlimited respawns. The goal here is to finish with the most stars at the end of the allotted time.

Takedown is Solo Showdown mixed with weekend event Boss Fight. The latter consists of teaming up to take down a big robot. This game mode is a free for all in every sense of the term pitting player against player and robot alike.

Power Play is a new game mode that is days away from being released. Only brawlers with star powers can participate as this game more is more targeted to end game with increased stakes. 30 points are awarded to the winning brawlers, 15 if there is a tie, and only 5 go to the losing brawlers. Since all brawlers much be level 10 to participate, this is not a game mode that will be readily available to a new player and it cycles through existing game modes that already exist, such as gem grab.

Which game mode is your favorite so far? Tell us in the comments below.



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