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NoReload Heroes Launches on Steam – Nintendo Switch Up Next!

April 27th is a big day for Stupid Stupid Games. They launch their much anticipated rogue-lite co-operative shooter party game NoReload Heroeson Steam. The game has turned some heads as of late, scoring a 78% approval rating on Square Enix Collective, where gamers can cast their vote for game pitches they want to see become reality.

Stupid Stupid Games has also announced that they have signed on with publisher Forever Entertainment to bring NoReload Heroes to Nintendo Switch later in Q2 and also has future plans to bring the game to PlayStation and Xbox in the near future.

noreload heroesNoReload Heroes is the perfect fit for the Switch. Not only has the Switch helped to bring party couch games back in style, but Stupid Stupid Games has created a co-operative experience with a cool backstory and fun cast of characters.

What is NoReload Heroes

The game is a rogue-lite party co-op shooter that supports 1-4 players both locally and online. The game will appeal to those who enjoy dungeon crawlers as there are randomly generated maps that you and your party make your way through a maze of rooms to help put a stop to your evil creation, Mephisto.

ss_1db43131dee602767d12533af77103595a626a30.600x338Each character has their own strengths ranging from firing speed to damage done to enemies. For example, our red hero is able to fire his blaster at a normal rate and do consistent damage to enemies. Whereas our green pal fires faster and the damage dealt to enemies builds upon each successful blast.

NoReload Heroes is a twin-stick shooter and is very easy for gamers of all skill levels to pick up.


The story behind NoReload Heroes is relatively straight forward. Our four colorful friends are working tirelessly in their lab to create a robot to help to bring about peaces across the world. Just when the team powers up their creation that they have affectionately dubbed ‘Mephisto,’ something goes terribly wrong!

ss_9ce48b433faa4687a4697ddbf85bb79db75de8ab.600x338Mephisto’s color changes to a menacing red, and he attacks our heroes and causes them to fall into the labyrinth below. The heroes must band together to put a stop to their creation, by battling their way back up to the lab, clearing room after room, boss after boss, and getting better and better loot.

Game Play

As mentioned, the game play for NoReload Heroes is very easy to learn, but lends itself to be the perfect couch party games, even if your buddies are bad at games. However, should you want to play the game with people who are good, the online matchmaking system may be for you.

PalaceGif1To play NoReload Heroes, you must have at least four fingers. One to move your chosen hero with the left joystick, another to face your hero in the right direction with the right joystick, and then two more to man the left and right triggers. Big enough hands to hold a controller are also recommended.

The left trigger allows your character to dash in the direction they are moving and avoid damage during the dash. The right trigger is what fires your blaster. No reloading needed.

If you meet the minimum requirements, you’ll be blasting robots with buddies in no time!

ss_12bcc3ead5f73bb4b1025eb3f40592f5c438af65.600x338As your party makes it’s way back to the lab, you will begin to collect and upgrade blasters. You will also accumulate experience, which translates into an enhancement for the entire group. You and you party get to pick between two enhancements, such as increased health or faster movement speed. All players will be able to cast their vote and the winning trait will then be applied to the party.

Game Features

  • Randomly generated levels
  • 70+ weapons
  • 43 different enemy types
  • 3 bosses
  • Local multiplayer for up to four people
  • Online multiplayer for up to four people
  • Online matchmaking

Beta Review

Far too often, we see multiplayer games released on Steam with no ability to play online. The reasoning behind this is generally related to funding, as creating online play mode with matchmaking takes time and money to not only create, but to continue to support. This is where Stupid Stupid Games did it right.

ss_c875db4f036b2badcd60001cbc857396684b08f1.600x338If NoReload Heroes were released with only single player supported, or just local multiplayer, the game may have been easily overlooked. The ability to play online on Steam is absolutely critical for a game like this. While party couch games are great in theory, its hard to gather your buddies to play games in a central location.

This is the same concept that will make NoReload Heroes fantastic on Nintendo Switch. The joy-cons will certainly allow local multiplayer to be taken advantage of more than any other console, due to the portability of the console, but the online game play with friends or even random matchmaking are what will give the game staying power.

ss_b868fecf5f5f64c8b90986286547dd37578b3fbc.600x338While NoReload Heroes isn’t reinventing the wheel as far as other rogue-lite games, they have added enough nuance to the game to give it a unique playing experience. This again is enhanced by the pure chaos that comes with having four people in a party at once, but even the single player experience is satisfying enough to binge on the game for hours at a time.

While I was lucky enough to play and enjoy the game in Beta, I know the developers have not finalized all aspects of the game, and are consistently looking for ways to improve the overall experience. This includes, but is not limited to: menus, online experience, and game balance. This makes it hard to officially review in a normal capacity.

ss_a63b22122ed3fd478a274b0822a2c233a89cfdb5.600x338With that being said: the art style, music, game controls, accessibility and online capabilities are all very appealing to me. The game screams Nintendo Switch for me, which gets me even more excited for what the final game will look like once ported.

For a Steam rating, I give NoReload Heroes a score of 8.2/10, thanks in large part to the online capabilities. I would expect the score to be even better on console, specifically Nintendo Switch, as the game is a great fit for the portability and Switch technology. Hopefully we will have a chance to formally review the game upon release for Switch later this spring!


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