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Headbang Your Way Through the Zombie Apocalypse with Double Kick Heroes!

b_Games that are centered around music are generally relatively addicting. Songs that we all know and love in a game tend to be very appealing to casual gamers. Zombies have also claimed their place in society due to horror movies and shows like The Walking Dead.

Combining these two genres may seem challenging, but Double Kick Heroes by Headbang Club pulls this off effortlessly. On April 11, 2018 Double Kick Heroes will drop on the Steam store in  Early Access and you will be able to experience the rhythmic rock band zombie playing action first hand.

What is Double Kick Heroes?

Double Kick Heroes is set in a post apocalyptic world where five band mates make their way across the country slaying zombies in their gundillac thanks to their double kicking drummer. You fire your weapon to the beat of rock metal music and upgrade your weapon based on your ability to keep the beat.


c_The game is loaded with content even in early access. You have the option of playing the game on story mode where you will learn the background of your band mates and find their rock and roll heroes scattered all over the world. If you love the game play, but can do without the story, then arcade mode is best for you. In arcade mode you can still play all of the levels, you’ll just do so without the character development or context.

The game also features a level editor which allows you to import your own music. From there you pick a level skin and the types of enemies that you would like to shoot down. After a successful play through test, you have built your first level and will likely be hooked to continue to build more.

Game Play

Game play for Double Kick Heroes is relatively simple, and I found it to be most enjoyable on a controller. Your goal is to keep the beat by double kicking  and by pressing ‘A’ you will hit the note and fire the lower gun on the gundillac. Pressing ‘B’ will fire the upper gun allowing you to hit enemies that come from the top part of the screen. Alternating between ‘A’ and ‘B’ to keep the beat is recommended so that one side doesn’t become overloaded with zombies.

d_You’ll be able to select between five difficulties. On the easiest you’ll find hitting notes more forgiving with a wider range available to hit those notes, whereas the Extreme difficulty is much less forgiving with the range. Adding to the difficulty level will also make you accountable to other instruments which increases the complexity.

You will not have to move your car until the boss stages, which is very helpful as you increase difficulty.

Early Access

The game currently has three different worlds each with five unique levels and songs. The fifth stage of each world pits your band up against a boss, which upon defeating, opens up the next world.

i_The music is all very good and will get you headbanging from start to finish. The developer has planned a total of 30 songs and 6 different worlds upon game completion, so it is fair to say that early access in this instance means the game is roughly halfway completed.


I recommend the story mode prior to playing arcade. This will help you get into the game and the music a little bit more. The banter between band mates alone makes this worth it, but it will also give some context around what the heck you are doing.

The combination of a rhythm and zombies apocalypse game does not disappoint. Double Kick Heroes turned out to be even more fun than I anticipated and it has already provided me with hours of entertainment without even trying the level editor. I love that you can import your own music to the game in addition to creating levels.

The arcade took me about an hour to play through on an easier difficulty setting and about 90 minutes on a higher setting. The game is relatively easy to learn and supports controller play which is a major bonus.

The story and arcade are both a lot of fun and the music gets you into the game play quickly, but the level editor is what put this game over the top for me. Redonkulous Gaming gives Double Kick Heroes at score of 8.2/10 and I would expect the score to go up once the game is completed.






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