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Crowdfunding Corner – April 2nd

Crowdfunding is a critical component of game development, especially in the realm of indie games. With so many different websites and even more projects to comb through, gamers can easily find themselves overwhelmed.

With so many projects with all sorts of potential, we want to help gamers and investors identify a few games they otherwise may not have stumbled across. Our highlights include projects listed across four crowdfunding platforms: Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Fig, and Brightlocker.

Keep in mind, the games we have listed below are not games that we have deemed to be the “best,” but they are intriguing and show the promise and potential to be very good games in the future.

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From Light

Campaign End Date: April 26, 2018

Estimated Release Date: Q3 2018

flUse your camera to light-paint your own platforms, freeze objects in place and solve challenging free form puzzles, in search of your missing friend! From Light is a 2D puzzle platformer in the same vein as The Swapper, Braid, and Fez, brightening up the genre with innovativephotography inspired mechanics.

Lumen is an interstellar nomad in search of their missing friend, Phosphor. The two kept in contact through postcards detailing their adventures. But suddenly the postcards from Phosphor stopped, the last bearing a cryptic message and depicting a vibrant tourist trap – Paradise 252-B.

fl1Upon arrival, it’s clear to Lumen the planet is not the getaway it once was. The sun is dead, plants are significantly overgrown, and the spaceport abandoned. The first sign of life to greet Lumen is Clarifly, a snap happy tour-bot eagerly awaiting their first tour ever!

With Clarifly acting as tour guide and camera, Lumen must journey to the planet’s core, discover what happened to Paradise 252-B and rescue Phosphor!

To solve puzzles in From Light, you will make use of two mechanics:

  • Freeze Frame allows you to freeze portions of the world
  • Long Exposure allows you to light-paint your own platforms

You can use this to draw paths to places previously out of reach. Light trails aren’t just solid when Lumen touches them. They will also affect special objects like light-boxes

unnamedThe environment plays a heavy role in puzzle solving. Light drawing mimics the player’s movement – so it’s important to think of how the environment lets you move, and how it doesn’t.

Freeze Frame depends on what is moving in the environment, where they moved, how quickly, and when. Puzzles are about understanding the environment, understanding what mechanics let you do, and using both in tandem to find a solution.

Levels in From Light are large and free form. In each area, the player will be finding power switches to re-power the level and restart the tram.


Ae’ra Sunburn

Campaign End Date:  April 30, 2018

Estimated Delivery Date: December 2018

Ae’Ra – Sunburn is a Top Down Action RPG set in a lush and vibrant fantasy world. A few of the game’s core features are co-op, exploring, crafting and a real-time modern combat system. The game will be released on Steam, PC, with a slight delayed launch for console. But check out the stretch goals, we aim to release it for console at launch!

  • aera sunburnA Dynamic Combat System. Where you will be able to fight in a very in your own way of style and have precise control of your movements. 
  • Crafting With a Twist of open sandbox. Where you can create almost anything you desire, or need. 
  • Exploring new ways of playing a top down ARPG. See if you can master the puzzles and obstacles ahead. 
  • A New Take on How Characters Evolve. We have all played games since we were young, this take on how to develop your character will hopefully give you a real fun challenge. 
  • Co-op/Play With Your Friends. Or make new ones as you go along, if this Kickstarter succeeds we will not only let you play couch, but also networked co-op with lobbies and player matching!
  • A Rich and Thrilling Story that will take your mind to new amazing places, giving you an epic experience!
  • Third Person isn’t completely gone. As indoor environment, caves and dungeons the camera will be switched to third person (split screen in local co-op) for “up in your face” -action and cooler interactions.
  • 40+ Hours game play and even more with the free DLC’s!

The Good Life

Campaign End Date: May 4, 2018

Estimated Release Date: November 2019


good lifeThe main character of this game is a female New Yorker named Naomi. In order to pay off her debt, she took a job from a newspaper company in NY and moved to the ‘happiest town in the world.’ This game chronicles all the bizarre things she experiences during her time in the town.

 In this game, the player has two main goals: 

1. Pay off your debt with money you earn from doing photography jobs in the town.
2. Solve the mystery of the murder that took place in the ‘happiest town in the world.’

The townspeople are also hiding a big secret…

In the moonlight, all the townspeople suddenly transform… And suddenly, the town is filled with cats and dogs!

fd6d16463e03310519f7afadfa517509_originalNaturally, Naomi and the player will also turn into a cat or a dog.

You’ll be able to select whether you want to transform into a cat or a dog at the very beginning. But if you get far enough in the story, you may reach a point where you can freely switch between them…?

The townspeople’s relationships will change based on how you play. In one town, you may see a surprising couple start dating… Or a normal character in your town may become the mayor of your friend’s town…

You may even be able to influence how the story in your town plays out! The story will eventually lead its main character (you) to a shocking truth…


Campaign End Date: April 19, 2018

Estimated Release Date: June 2018

chop2CHOP, it’s a visceral gameplay where bloody killings meet ultra fast movements.
Really accessible in its gameplay, it offers a real strategic dimension associated with a deep intense gameplay that will put your skills to the test !

One hit to kill, respawn almost instantly : CHOP is meant to give a feeling close to what you can experience in fast FPS such as Quake or DOOM, mixed with platformer setting and influences from Towerfall, Nidhogg and Super Smash Bros.

Blood and guts in a torn apart world, with a comic book vibe : it speaks to those who like gore, comics, post-apo and are looking for a supercharged party game.

chop1The game is playable up to four players. Challenge your friend one-on-one or enter the fray. You can even team up and play two-on-two, or one versus three if you have the guts for it. Eager to get back to the golden age of local multiplayer games ? To crush your friends after practicing hard on a skill-based and competitive game ? That’s what Claws Up Games is all about.




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