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Little Triangle: Nintendo Switch Review

Platformers and party platformers have made a huge come back as of late. By and large, we have the Nintendo Switch to thank for that. Games like Celeste and Steamworld Dig 2 have been a smash hit on the Switch which makes hopeful ports appealing for other hardcore platformers like Robbie Swifthand and the Orb of Mysteries

Little Triangle by Dreamoji and CottonGame joined the Nintendo Switch lineup March 1, 2018. Little Triangle is a nice blend between hardcore and party platforming. The game fits perfectly on the Switch, as it fits the mode of local couch game play in co-op and battle modes.

What Is Little Triangle?

Little Triangle is a hardcore platformer that is incredibly popular in China, where it was developed. The game has been enhanced for US release, which added the local multiplayer functionality. There are three ways to play Little Triangle: solo campaign, co-op campaign, and battle mode.

battle modeLet’s dig into these play modes a little further. The single player campaign is the play mode that maximizes the Switch’s technology. You have the option of choosing between a casual and hardcore difficulty setting. The biggest nuance here is that the casual option will allow your little triangle to take damage up to three times before you get sent back to the last check point. This is tracked with hearts and you can refill your hearts by making it to the next checkpoint unscathed. The hardcore difficulty is likely what you think it is. If you take damage once, then its back to the previous check point for you. In this setting, there are no hearts are options to refill vacant hearts. The campaign is purely about utilizing your platform skills to make it through three different worlds and six different boss fights.

Game Play

coop 4 playerThe player takes control of a little triangle and has the goal of getting from the start of the level to the end as quickly as possible. Along the way you are tasked with finding and freeing other little triangles that have been captured and collecting diamonds. The diamonds follow the same mechanic as a typical coin-collecter game, however they have value beyond adding to your levels score. More on that in a little bit.

The game, much like Celeste, also keeps track of how many times you die in each level. This also affects your final score which comes in the form of a star rating. One star means you completed the level, while three stars means you completed the level and completed the bonus objectives like diamond collection, freeing triangles, and uncovering secret areas.

boss1The secret areas in each level generally lead to enhanced rewards or an imprisoned triangle. You can expect a plethora of secret areas in each stage, and the game will also track this for you as you advance through the level. More often than not, secret areas lead to more diamonds, but on a rare occasion you may discover an arcade game. These games, once discovered, become playable mini-games on the world map that have a cost associated to playing.

This is where the value of diamonds come in to play. You can spend your diamonds in a number of ways including the mini-games. The player can also spend them on special game stages and triangle skins. The best way to accumulate diamonds is by simply playing through the campaign and trying to find as many secret areas as possible.

game playYour main weapon in your fight to free your triangle brethren is the double-jump ability. You can defeat enemies by jumping on them, similar to retro Mario games, but defeating enemies should not be a priority and you can circumvent enemies without penalty.

For added enjoyment, go into the game settings and enable random triangle skins. This will allow you to play as random triangles that you unlock by freeing them. If you have a specific skin you enjoy playing more than others, then you can go to your “Home” and pick the triangle skin you want to play as.


For 2-4 local battle mode

  • Battle mode is Duck Game and TowerFall like, but with unique style and mechanics
  • A lot of weapons and mechanics.
  • It’s like a mini Battle Royale with well-polished cartoon style
  • 30 different maps and some maps shrink during the play

For single player mode

  • Focus on jump and double jump, but a lot of different enemies and mechanics. Very addictive.
  • All activated skins in single player mode can be used in local multiplayer mode
  • 2 difficulty levels. Same levels with additional health points in casual mode
  • Challenging but not frustrating with proper number of checkpoints and level design
  • A lot of secretes, Easter Eggs and a lot of skins to activate

For 2-4 local co-op

  • Players can interact with each other, and the fun comes when you kill friends
  • A lot of laughs during play


boss2Little Triangle instantly became of my personal favorites on the Nintendo Switch. The concept of a typical platformer was blended with several mechanics that make the genre so popular. Some players may not enjoy the level of difficulty, even in casual mode, but the developers opted to add check point to alleviate the frustration that accompanies most hardcore platformers where the player has to start from the beginning.

While most players will complain about the lack of online game play, the $14.99 price point on the eShop reflects this gap. The game is also marketed as a local experience and the enjoyment is actually enhanced in that setting. The game is loaded with player skins, easter eggs, mini-games, and fun boss fights which all add up to a very enjoyable experience.

I welcome the return of timed runs and coin collections coupled with the addition of death counters, easter eggs, and secret areas. Little Triangle is an amazing bang for you buck and Redonkulous Gaming gives it a score of 8.8./10.







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