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Once Upon a Coma’s Early Success

The great thing about crowdfunding is that it allows developers to essentially test their ideas before they actually go to market. This allows them to gauge approximately how well a game may be received and determine overall demand. So why are some campaigns so much more successful than others?

In the case of Once Upon a Coma, which has 18 days left in it’s Kickstarter campaign, there are several factors that have contributed to attaining 221% of the initial goal. We would like to say that our weekly Crowdfunding Corner had something to do with it, but Once Upon a Coma has been an unstoppable force since it hit it’s initial goal on day one.

It certainly helps that Thomas Brush, the creator of the game, also gained a loyal following from Pinstripe, which released in 2017 and was met with rave reviews from sites like Destructoid. The even bigger draw comes from the popularity of Coma and Once Upon a Coma acting as its successor and sequel, with a whole new story.

Five Reasons to Kickstart Once Upon a Coma

once upon a comaThe Game: This is fairly obvious, but if you fund now, you will be getting a copy of the game at a price of $15 in addition to Discord access and digital wallpaper + ringtone. Any reward you pick at this time is guaranteed and will only help Atmos Games hit their stretch goals, which leads us to our next point.

once upon a coma1Stretch Goals: The stretch goals are fairly attractive and likely a key reason the campaign has been so successful. Once they game was funded, the $40,000 stretch allowed the developers to add secret rooms, collectibles, and outfits to the game, which would improve the overall depth. The latest stretch goal achieved was at the $60,000 mark which enabled the developers to release to the Nintendo Switch in addition to Steam. The final two stretch goals are also very appealing as the first will allow the player to skate around on a skateboard, likely improving travel speed and improving quality of life for the player. Lastly, ports to consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox become a reality, which will allow the game to reach a greater audience in addition to providing variety in the platform you play on.

once upon a comaStory: The premise is very cool and is something we all likely pondered at one point in our childhood. What would the world be like if one day we woke up and found out that all the adults were gone? What would the kid version of yourself do? How would you react? Would you start dancing and never stop because a spider told you so? Would you forget to take your insulin and inflate to the point where you got stuck in a well? The possibilities are endless, which is what makes the story (and dialogue) so enjoyable. It is quite literally a laugh out loud experience.

once upon a coma1Art Style: It is impossible to not appreciate the style the game is presented in. The saying “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” only exists because people are drawn to intriguing and appealing art. In the case of Once Upon a Coma, you should be encourage to judge it by it’s cover, because the style in which it is presented is what makes the game so much fun. This is not only limited to the pretty pictures on the screen, but also the music, which is largely and appropriately, piano based.

once upon a coma2Demo: The final reason Once Upon a Coma has been so successful was the decision to release a playable demo to the masses. Whether you are a gamer or esteemed investor, you want to know what exactly it is you are spending your money on. Not every developer has the luxury of completing a demo on the limited budget they have, but if at all possible, a demo will help sell gamers more on the experience and not just the idea. Releasing a demo shows that the developer is confident in their vision and that is something that speaks volumes. Once Upon a Coma has had over 31,000 views on Game Jolt, and those who have played the demo have given it a collaborative score of 4.6 out of 5.

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