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Crowdfunding Corner – February 26th

Crowdfunding is a critical component of game development, especially in the realm of indie games. With so many different websites and even more projects to comb through, gamers can easily find themselves overwhelmed.

With so many projects with all sorts of potential, we want to help gamers and investors identify a few games they otherwise may not have stumbled across. Our highlights include projects listed across four crowdfunding platforms: Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Fig, and Brightlocker.

Keep in mind, the games we have listed below are not games that we have deemed to be the “best,” but they are intriguing and show the promise and potential to be very good games in the future.

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Campaign End Date: March 16, 2018

Estimated Delivery Date: January 2019

Flee Earth – A disaster on Earth prompted the creation of the Starmancer Initiative. Volunteers, such as yourself, were irreversibly fused into machine, creating a hybrid of human and artificial intelligence.

Uploaded Consciousness – There wasn’t time to physically load all of humanity into Ark ships. Instead, their consciousness was uploaded into your core, and their physical bodies were left behind on Earth.

starmancer1.gifDamaged Ark – You awake in a strange solar system with a damaged Ark and corrupt memory cores. There are other active Ark ships in the system. You have no idea how many years have passed since you left Earth.

Pave the Future – Years of dormancy have damaged your governing protocols. Play however you want. Will you become a rogue A.I. or a benevolent overlord? Your play-through will create a unique story to you, and you alone.

Mercury Race

Campaign End Date: March 17, 2018

Estimated Delivery Date: September 2018

Mercury Race is a multiplayer arcade game inspired by racing games like F-Zero and Wipeout with an original shooting mechanics, that will challenge not only your driving but also your aiming skills.

Mercury Race1.jpgThis is exactly what makes Mercury Race unique. We think the mix of racing and shooting mechanics creates an original and fun game experience. In the year we have been working on the game, finding the perfect balance between the challenge of driving and shooting simultaneously while keeping the essence of racing games has been our main priority.

We have put our greatest effort into this aspect, so we have a full playable demo which has been shown in many gaming events last year. The game has been battle-tested by a lot of people, allowing us to get the feedback and motivation to keep working on the project.

Knight Time

Campaign End Date: March 11, 2018

Estimated Delivery Date: September 2018

Knight Time is a wave-based survival combat game. The adventure begins with our small floating hero setting out across the kingdom on a mission to vanquish evil and set the balance straight after a great corruption.

Knight TimeEach new page of our dark fairy tale book holds an individual realm ready to be conquered. Each realm contains an enemy stronghold– all of which are themed differently and boast an array of enemies, challenging combat and the mighty lords themselves. Reaching the final pages of our story will produce three outcomes dependent on the overall achievement of your adventure.


What the Golf?

Campaign End Date: March 23, 2018

Estimated Delivery Date: Q2 2018

Golf is boring — Help us fix it!

whatthegolf.gifGolf is always the same: perfectly round balls, 18 holes, blue sky, neatly cut grass and fancy people in nice clothes. What’s not to hate? – Hate no more! WHAT THE GOLF? is the golf game for people who don’t play golf. Every golf course is a surprising new type of golf, some brilliant or hilarious, others simply absurd.

Wow! That’s crazy! Can I try it?

Yes you can download the prototype and try a few weird holes of golf. It’s just an example and not a full demo of the game.



Estimated Delivery Date: Steam Early Access

Botlike – loot and shoot your way through hordes of robots or die trying. Play as S.I.R. – a grumpy old warbot on his path to revenge. Use your ever-growing arsenal of weapons, upgrades and powerful items to defeat an evil and totalitarian robot league. Grab your top hat and let the rampage begin. 


In this intense and fast-paced shoot ’em up with roguelike elements like permadeath and randomized levels, it’s all about maximizing your killing game. Adapt to different situations and increasing difficulty by collecting different weapons and upgrading them. Find powerful items and use the unique item system to combine them into super items, or even ridiculously strong monster items. You will need to use every trick and advantage you’ve got: dash or double jump to overcome the pure number – and firepower! – of your enemies. Botlike is on Steam early access since 14. September and is regularly updated.



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