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Mass O’ Kyzt: I’m a Survivor!!

Story [5/10]

What if you were an astronaut that found a new alien race? What if that alien race was extra tenacious and sent wave upon wave of troops against you with the single goal of killing you? This is the premise of Mass O’ Kyzt. Mass O’ Kyzt doesn’t really setup much of a story and keeps the premise very clean and simple. You play as an astronaut that is fighting a bunch of psychic aliens on their home planet. The twist is that as you fight off wave upon wave of the enemy alien, they get stronger and stronger until the point where you are a masochist (get it?). But where does the psychic nature of the aliens come into the game?


Gameplay [5/10]

The gameplay is so simple and straight forward that anyone could pick it up and start playing right away. Your only objective is to stay alive, and you do this by moving around the map and shooting at the aliens as they spawn. The aliens come from you at all sides and every-so-often a ship comes down and challenges you to destroy it or get overwhelmed. The game is divided into “levels”, and to advance to the next level you need to destroy a certain number of enemies. This is where the game gets a bit masochistic because when you do advance to the next level, you must choose a stat to upgrade the enemy. That’s right, Mass O’ Kyzt puts a twist and makes the game more challenging by letting you decide the way to ramp up the difficulty. Do you make the enemies stronger, so that they do more damage each time they hit you? Do you make them faster, so that it’s harder to run away from them? Or do you make them tougher, requiring so many more shots on target to kill the aliens?

Mass O’ Kyzt also provides some short term enhancements. Everytime you kill an enemy there is a chance it could drop a weapons power up that could give you a variety of bonuses. These last for a really short time, but used correctly they could turn a situation from a losing one, to one that you will survive.


Graphics and Sound [5/10]

Mass O’ Kyzt is simplistic in it’s graphics and sound, but it fits in nicely with the very straight forward premise of the game. There is no fluff here, and nothing that detracts from what the developer was trying to do with the game. The music fits with your goal to survive the alien barrage.


Conclusion [5/10]

Mass O’ Kyzt is a fun game and can definitely have its spurts of amusement, as you continually try to get to higher and higher waves. However, there are some things that could not be overlooked about the game. First the game will get old and repetitive really quick. I could see myself playing it for maybe 10-15 minutes and then leaving it alone for weeks and suddenly remembering the game and playing it again for another 10-15 minutes. Second, the game was limited, and I found that I kept using the same strategy. If I dodged the aliens and jumped around them, it wasn’t an issue to have them be stronger, so it became a linear path of upgrade that I would constantly use. Third, it would have been nice if the developer created a few extra levels to unlock instead of putting in the time to create skins, as I found myself standing in the flattest part of the level and just letting the aliens coming to me. But that also leads into the fourth issue, in that the game does not require anything in strategy, it’s just shoot and keep on shooting. Finally, this game would be much easier with a controller instead of the mouse and keyboard setup, and this would probably be much better received as a mobile game, which I can play for a few minutes on the subway and put down at my stop. It is difficult for me to say this game is worth the investment, because it doesn’t provide much for the $6.99 price point, and I’ve seen mobile games for $2.99 that provide more content then Mass O’ Kyzt


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