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Bevontule: Now on Kickstarter

Multithreaded Games LLC has gifted the general public with an incredibly detailed demo of their upcoming game Bevontule. Most indie games in demo form don’t feel as “done” as Bevontule, but those games do not generally have two and a half years of full time development out into them. For this reason, we recently highlighted the game as a part of our Crowdfunding Corner feature.

Bevontule is based on the lore found within a novel written by Derek, one of the two programmers and founders of Multithreaded Games. Today, you can find the game on Kickstarter with 15 days left to hit their funding goals.

BevontulekelvariBevontule is a game that has over 1,000 years of history built into the story line and it is very rich in detail. The game primarily takes place on the continent of Onich, which is lush and green, but is being ravaged by the Kelvari. The developers describe the Kelvari best on their Kickstater page as:


Colloquially known as Roots, Kelvari can be thought of as the overarching, but largely unintelligent ‘antagonists’ of Bevontule. The term Kelvari refers collectively to a large, semi-sentient network of unknown origin and composition that covers roughly sixty percent of the entire surface of Onich and is ever-expanding, although primarily in large bursts or waves of activity known as ‘saccades’. These ‘Roots’ are capable, to some extent, of extracting minerals, and by extension, the ‘lifeblood’ of the areas in which they inhabit, rendering many regions desolate, desecrated and moreover, uninhabitable. In addition, the Kelvari are also capable of absorbing and assimilating organic matter into the Root structures themselves, a process that results in largely unstoppable creatures termed Rootsouls.

Bevontule: What you need to know

You take control of the character Bodom, who you come to discover, appeared out of nowhere on a nearby beach. Bodom is immediately joined by two allies, Moroch and Apolith. Bodom is somewhat mysterious, but is a well-versed fighter who wields daggers.

Bevontule3Apolith is your party’s tank, and dishes out solid damage while also taunting enemies and taking a beating for the team. Moroch is a rather weak hand to hand fighter who prefers to use his fists instead of weapons. His strength is found in his utility in battle and heavily relies on positioning himself in range of his allies to act at the primary healer for the group.

Lynelle joins the party later and she can be viewed as a huntress who attacks from a distance with a bow and arrow. She also has the ability to lay down traps and act as additional support for the group.

Roles can change via the development of your party thanks to the skill tree. The skill tree allows you to upgrade and unlock new skills as your characters level up. By unlocking new skills you can directly impact how you deploy that character in battle. For example, as the game progresses Bodom can become more like a mage than a typical rogue by unlocking new skills and following that particular path.

bevontule6The skill tree also enhances the skills of your party and can increase the overall potency and efficiency of skills. Additionally, the upgrades can change or increase the effects of certain skills which can affect things such as range, number of targets, or alter the skill entirely.

Basic attacks in battle come at no cost to the player whereas skills will cost “SP” to deploy. Your other options in combat are “item” which of course allows you to use an item on yourself or another party member in range or “end turn” which ends the turn of your character for the round.

Game Play

There are several components and nuances in Bevontule to consider. The game is an open-world RPG which frees the player up for exploration outside of the main story line. As discussed previously, you have some freedom as it relates to character customization and the skill tree. You also have the ability to optimize gear to compliment and fit your individual character roles.

bevontule7Fans of the RPG genre will quickly pick up the essentials as it relates to gearing and optimizing your party. Each character specializes with a specific weapon type. As mentioned, Bodom uses daggers, but he also comes with the ability to equip light armor. Thanks to the skill tree, you may have the ability to unlock the ability to use more durable armor.

bevontule8In addition to the core game play, the developers have also implemented a crafting system, which is intended to work as a mini-game. During your travels and exploration, you will encounter several items which you can gather such as metals, cloth, plants, etc. Those materials can then be used to create new items. Your proficiency in crafting will increase with each item created and it is up to the player to determine which resource to use to satisfy the crafting recipe. The goal here is to encourage experimentation to challenge the player to craft items that are even better than what is available for purchase. So while this will certainly take extra time, the reward of crafting your own items will be worth the time spent gathering materials and looking for recipes.

Lastly, like all good RPGs, Bevontule offers up optional and hidden side quests which are littered throughout the world. By completing these, the player will unlock deeper facets of the story and enhance their overall playing experience. Additional rewards can also be had as a nice little bonus, which is almost required if you opt to not put in the time or effort to craft.


Bevontule11Every good RPG needs a solid combat system, and Bevontule does not disappoint. You engage in combat by coming in contact with enemies. This brings up the encounter screen, where you are left to manage several components. The unique aspect of the combat system comes down to the positioning of your party. While this is not a new premise, it is one that is generally controlled via AI and not by the player. Bevontule forces the players to not only choose the action of each party member, but also actively position them via movement within a certain radius.

This means that combat comes down to two parts: The chosen action in addition to proper positioning to optimize the effectiveness of your party.

Each action or movement has a proper reaction, which leaves you to make decisions based on the attack order. In other words, moving and using one spell may impact the order in which the rest of your party acts. This is referred to as the “turn order” which is a combination of character or enemies speed attribute and the designated action taken. This means that some characters may be able to leapfrog others and act first if select actions are chosen.

bevontule4Movement is the other element to consider in combat. Each character have a movement attribute assigned to them which allows them to move anywhere within their designated movement “circle.” You can freely move within the character’s assigned radius and even check positioning needed to deploy specific skills prior to committing to the action. For example, if I want to have enemies focus on Apolith, I will try to move within range of as many enemies as possible before having Apolith perform “taunt.” Once this action is performed, enemies will likely adjust their positioning to best execute attacks against Apolith, which then allows me to position Bodom behind them to perform “backstab.” If I did not go through that process, then odds are Bodom’s attack would miss because the enemy would move out of range of the attack before Bodom is able to execute the move.

bevontule5The final aspect of combat to master is attack “chains.” An attack chain comes when skills are used in succession. The chain starts when the first skill is used and ends after the last skill is executed. Sound simple? It is. The ultimate goal here is to increase the damage done to an enemy by performing skills in succession. After each skill lands, the damage done will continue to increase as you reap the benefit of the attack chain bonus. Enemies also have the ability to execute chains, which is why the player should remain mindful of positioning and turn order.

What’s to come

Bevontule12The development team for Bevontule has produced a content rich and aesthetically pleasing demo for our enjoyment. The game feels polished based on the snapshot the demo provides and that is reflected very well with a relatively low goal of $50,000.00 on Kickstarter. With fifteen days left in the campaign, this is a game we would love to see succeed. We encourage our readers to take a look at the campaign on Kickstarter to learn even more about Bevontule. Try the demo and support the vision of Multithreaded Games to make Bevontule a reality.

To those supporting us now on Kickstarter, we thank you for putting your faith in us and our vision. Knowing that you trust in our conviction and skills enough to support our campaign inspires (and funds) us to move forward.




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