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Interview: Nightmarchers by Wyrmbyte

Nightmarchers by Wyrmbyte is currently in the midst of their crowdfunding campaign on Fig. Nightmarchers is slated for released on Steam and GOG with a projected release date of Q3 of this year.

We wrote about Nightmarchers being a game worth investing in previously, but we also had the opportunity to speak with Scott Brown, President, Designer, and Programmer of Wyrmbyte.

The Studio

wyrmbyteScott has been building and making games for the last twenty years. He founded NetDevil in 1997 that went on to create Jumpgate, which shipped in 2001. Scott has also worked on noteworthy titles: LEGO Universe, Auto Assault, and Fortune Online. In 2008, NetDevil was acquired by Gazillion Entertainment. By 2010, Scott had left NetDevil and had moved on to other things. Scott, along with a small group from NetDevil, formed Wyrmbyte in 2012.

Wyrmbyte released Dragons and Titans, DragonWingsVR, and Epic Dragon Clicker, but ultimately, they had a different passion project in mind. The Wyrmbyte team had been talking about making a Hawaii themed game for quite some time. It finally got to the point where an idea turned into a concept, which resulted in Nightmarchers.

Game Concept and Influences

The concept behind Nightmarchers came from the “idea of mixing the old lore of Hawaii with a post apocalyptic setting in an open world shooter.” Scott credits games like Wasteland, Fallout, Tomb Raider, Grand Theft Auto, Shadow of Mordor, and Metal Gear for influencing Nightmarchers.

I am a life long fan of post apocalyptic games since Wasteland back on my Apple II+. I also love open world games where you can have meaningful choice in the game. We wanted to do post apocalyptic in paradise instead of always in a brown, dead world. I have been a huge Hawaii fan visiting several times, including my honeymoon. As we studied the islands past more and more, the story just became a perfect fit and a cool way to show off a lore that I love, but not many other people seem to really know. – Scott Brown, President of Wyrmbyte

The Game and Core Features

The story of Nightmarchers is fictionally based on the idea of the old gods returning to Hawaii. The goal of the player is to help rebuild the gods’ shrines or “Heiaus” which ultimately will prove your worth, earn their favor, and gain access to new powers and abilities. In order to accomplish this, the player must conquer outposts and work to eliminate some factions and align with others.nightmarchers7

Nightmarchers is a highly customized open-world shooter with RPG elements. Most of these custom features come from the faction or factions the player chooses to help. Outposts are scattered throughout the island and the factions that man those outposts need the player’s help to rebuild. Those factions in turn reward the player with unique skills. The game is designed to force the player to choose where they want to align, since there are not enough outposts to unlock all the available skills.

nightmarchersgif2There is a significant emphasis on weaponry within Nightmarchers. This gives the player the ability to customize their playing experience even more. There is a large variety available, including: pistols, shotguns, rifles, automatic, heavy military, melee, and energy based weapons. Each type of weapon has a quality that will change the statistics. Some weapons will have modification slots which will further change the original stats. There are cases where a mod may have a magic element to them which imbue the weapon with fire, cold, lightning, or even spirits. Mods can be found by scavenging the old ruins.

nightmarchers5In the game’s current state, Nightmarchers has three difficulty settings. The Easy setting is for people who want the story, but are not normally big shooter genre players. The Normal and Difficult settings are intended for players who enjoy and excel at shooters. Scott mentioned that they may add an “Iron Man” type mode to the game, which would mean death would force you to start over entirely.

Crowdfunding on Fig

figCrowdfunding is an important part of indie game development. For developers, it is all about choosing the right platform to make sure the vision of the game is properly brought to life. We asked Scott to talk a little about his experience in partnering with Fig:

“Fig is amazingly focused on helping game developers. The amount of attention from their team, and marketing support have helped us get almost half way there so far. I feel like on Fig we have a chance to stand out and be one of only a few games funding at any time. I also find Fig’s ability to allow players to invest and get a return on game development to be a very intriguing way of involving a player.”

Wyrmbyte is seeking $100,000.00 from their Fig campaign and if successful we may see Nightmarchers released on console.

Scott expressed a desire to port the game to both PlayStation and Xbox. The development team has been mindful of how the game plays on controller and have confirmed both Xbox and PlayStation controllers have been used to test the game in addition to a standard keyboard and mouse.

Next for Wyrmbyte

The development team is currently eyeing a summer release for Nightmarchers. How big and how bold they are able to go will come down to funding.

nightmarchers8While Nightmarchers has been heavily influenced by games such as Fallout and Wasteland, the development team has done a wonderful job of creating a unique experience. The setting of Hawaii and the mix of magic and guns provides an original playing experience. Couple this with the lore and story of the old gods of Hawaii, and Nightmarchers becomes a very attractive addition to the open-world shooter landscape.

All efforts are focused completely on getting Nightmarchers launched. As of now, Wyrmbyte does not have another project lined up. Game development, especially for independent studios, is no walk in the park. With  twenty years of experience developing games, we asked Scott what advice he had for others who want to develop their own game:

My advice to people wanting to build games is make sure its your passion as well. Game development can be a ton of hard work and frustrating days but if you love what you are doing it does not get any better. Getting started is as simple as downloading one of the amazing game engines like Unreal or Unity and just start making your game, no better way to learn.

Redonkulous Gaming will continue to follow the progress of Nightmarchers. Check back here for future updates and consider sponsoring the campaign on Fig.




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