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5 Reasons to Support Nightmarchers on Fig

nightmarchers3Nightmarchersby Wyrmbyte, is going to be special. This game combines elements from some of our favorite shooters and RPGs and rolls them into one. This provides not only an incredibly deep story, based on Hawaiian lore, but an amazing gaming experience with a broad feature-set.

Nightmarchers is set in a post-apocalyptic Hawaiian landscape. The survivors have formed distinct factions and each faction has their own agenda. How the island takes shape ultimately comes down to the choices you make and which factions you align with. In addition to this, your character’s (Kai) skill set is heavily based on who you align with.

Kai is a “descendant of powerful kahuna, wise shaman, who have risen to become ancestral gods, aumakua, in their own rights. Even as the god Kamapua’a’s raiders close in on Kai’s home, to destroy the nearby heiau of Ku, one of these spirits is watching, ready to show Kai his true potential.”


Without further ado, here are five reasons you should support Nightmarchers on Fig today!

nightmarchers51. Customization: In addition to customizing the weapons you use, you can actually customize your own play style and play how you want. With a broad selections of weapons, enhancements, magic, and over 40 skills to choose from, how you conquer each outpost is your choice!

2. Open World: As you take control of Kai on his journey and ascension to a demigod to defeat the Kamapu’a, you will notice that that journey is your own. The story is non-linear and while quests may suggest your next location, you are left to freely explore the terrain, complete side quests, and take down outposts at your leisure. The ability to shape shift into a bird and shark also give you that same freedom in the sky or sea.nightmarchersgif3

nightmarchersgif23. Reputation System: The story is your own. You decide which factions to assist or eliminate by assaulting outposts and completing quests to empower Kai even further. The reputation system is reminiscent of the Fable series. You can turn on your aligned factions just as easily as you gain favor. This may not be recommended, but if you prefer a little drama in your game play it can provide some entertainment.

Additionally, the factions in which you align will open up new skills (up to 40). These skills will unlock based on the decisions you make, which helps to make each play through completely unique.

4. Authenticity: Wyrmbyte certainly did their homework. The story and lore of the game are all based on real myths and legends that are all too familiar to Hawaiian natives. In Wyrmbyte’s words, “the world of Nightmarchers is as authentic as possible, right down to the full-scale representation of the terrain in the game world.” This is even more evident within the rapidly growing Discord community.nightmarchersgif

nightmarchers25. Content: There are “Well over 50 outposts, villages and locations to befriend, capture, or develop. You decide how you rebuild the island unlocking a story exclusive to your decisions. Player actions can tip the balance of power between the factions vying for control of the island, acting as the front-line of an ever-shifting battlefield.” Ultimately, Nightmarchers game play will adapt and change based on how you play. As your level and skill set grow, so to will the challenge before you. With multiple difficulty settings planned, the content will be robust enough for players of all skill levels to enjoy!

Nightmarchers is slated for a 2018 Q3 release. You may follow Nightmarchers on the following social media platforms, which will also earn you “shark teeth” which help you build the Koa Sword if you sponsor their campaign on Fig!









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