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Brawlout: Nintendo Switch Review

Brawlout joined the Nintendo Switch lineup on 12/19/17 and was originally released on April 20, 2017 on Steam. Brawlout will also be coming to PlayStation and Xbox consoles in early 2018.

Brawlout is a party fighting game that draws comparisons to Nintendo’s beloved Super Smash Bros. The level design is very similar with multi-platform fighting arenas, but the overall play style is where the similarities end.

Game Play

Screenshot_6Brawlout follows another arena fighting game on the Switch, Pokken Tournament DX. But unlike Pokken Tournament DX, Brawlout is intended to be a party fighting game which can be enjoyed locally, online, or in the competitive landscape.

The biggest nuance that Brawlout brings to the genre comes in the form of movement. Unlike Pokken Tournament DX and other arena fighters, Brawlout abandons the defensive play style. Shielding is not an option and instead Brawlout favors fast-paced movement and evasive maneuvers.

Screenshot_1The game play is designed to be a no holds-bar all out offensive front, which is great for all those button mashers out there who are new to this style of game. The evasive maneuvering is where the more controlled and well practiced gamer is able to shine. By jumping, dashing, rolling, and phasing through attacks you are able to better time your offensive strikes and combos, which makes the game great for beginners and pros.

Paco_Punches_OlafThe great thing about each of the fighters, or “Brawlers,” is that the play style is very unique. Each character has their own distinct strengths and weaknesses that will make it easy for gamers to identify with their chosen brawler. Whether you are a grab attack artists like fan-favorite Paco or a grappler like King Apu, Brawlout has a character that fits your fighting style.

Rage Meter

Screenshot_2A unique mechanic to Brawlout is the rage meter. The rage meter builds as you either deal damage or take damage. You can tap into your rage to either break combos or go into rage mode and increase your offensive potency.

If you opt to use it defensively, then half of your rage meter is consumed and you break the combo of your opponent and push them back slightly to give yourself a brief reprieve. If you allow the meter to fill entirely and press L+R together, your character will enter rage mode which will make your opponent fly further than before.

Unlockable Content

brawlout menuBrawlout has a good amount of unlockable content which takes the form of actual loot piñatas. These loot piñatas can unlock additional brawlers, skins, taunts, special effects, stages, and so on.

The good news about these loot piñatas is that you do not have to spend real money to unlock any of these items. You simply need to play the game to accrue gems which can then be spent on the game store. Currency earned can be accelerated by playing online as opposed to local game play.

Play Modes

Brawlout has a robust menu of play modes which allows for gamers to enjoy the content at a pace best suited for their skill set.

Single player offers AI opponents for the following play modes:

  • Arcade: This can be enjoyed on easy (1v1), medium (1v2), or hard (1v3) as a ladder.
  • Quick Play: Set a time or stock count and play against 1 to 3 AI opponents in free-for-all or team play.
  • Practice: Train with a character of your choosing learning combos and other techniques.

brawlout arcade

Multiplayer modes offered are:

  • Against AI or locally
  • Locally between two Switch consoles
  • Online in competitive capacity or with friends


The game puts a unique spin on the party fighting genre. The increased speed of combat and evasive maneuvering make the overall play style unique. There is no shielding or items to rely on to turn the tides of battle, which makes it a very fluid fighting game.

Volt_Thumb_BrawloutThe characters are unique, but comparisons can be made to fighters from other games. An example of this is the brawler Volt, who is my personal favorite. I immediately felt a connection to him because he reminded me of Street Fighter‘s Blanka.

The loot piñata system gives gamers plenty of content to unlock without having to spend real money in the form of a micro-transaction.

The game can be enjoyed casually or competitively and is something that can be picked up and enjoyed by gamers of all skill sets.

Given the unique twist on the party fighting genre and the multiple play modes, Redonkulous Gaming gives Brawlout for Nintendo Switch a 8.5/10

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Developer: Angry Mob Games


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