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Nintendo News: December 12, 2017 – 10 Million Units Sold, SteamWorld Heist, and Detective Pikachu


10 Million Unit Milestone – So today marks a pretty big day for Nintendo and Nintendo fans!!! This is interesting news as with the current success of the Switch, Nintendo has raised it’s forecast and estimates that it will sell 14 million units by the end of it’s fiscal year in March 2018.  This is an increase from the original 10 million units forecasted.  This would lead to an estimated 16.74 units sold within a 13 month period [The Verge], far exceeding their previous two consoles the Wii and Wii U.  There have been a few nay-sayers and outlets that still doubt the success of the Switch due to certain issues such as production challenges and lack of AAA support.  But as Nintendo continues with the console, it seems a lot of those concerns are slowly being squashed.  To put things into perspective here are some numbers on how much each of the last few consoles did in their first 12 months on the market.

While the first year is not necessarily an indication of the longevity of the console or Nintendo, the company has made great efforts to make the process for game developers to get their games onto the Nintendo Switch and they have done a fantastic job at pacing out their releases to keep the hype going throughout the first nine months of the consoles release.  Nintendo has also maintained that momentum with the announcement of Bayonetta 3 with a special Bayonetta 1&2 releasing in 2018, along with Metroid Prime 4 and a new Pokemon IP in development.  Along with all the exciting news from these Nintendo exlcusives, game developers such as Square Enix and Capcom have stated how they are eager to bring more games to the Nintendo Switch and how it will be an important part of their business.  Finally, with the rumor of a Nintendo Direct coming out in January due to an EA leaked timeline [], everyone is chomping at the bit and trying to guess what will be included in the Nintendo Direct.

SteamWorld HeistImage & Form has announced that the SteamWorld Heist: Ultimate Collection will be releasing on the Nintendo Switch.  The game is a turn-based strategy shooter that occurs long after SteamWorld Dig 2.  The game has been optimized for the Nintendo Switch and includes touch controls and all the extra content that was available in the DLC SteamWorld Heist: The Outsider.  The game will release on December 28 for $19.99 USD.


Detective Pikachu?? – There are rumors that Detective Pikachu will be making an appearance outside of Japan.  There is no information on the game yet but there has been a placeholder on some websites for a release date of December 31, 2020.  But this move makes a lot of sense with the recent announcement that Ryan Reynolds will be voicing Pikachu in the live-action film that is going into production.




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