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The Other Side of Indie Gaming: Field of Heroes

The Indie Challenge

The life of an independent game developer is chalked full of late nights, monetary sacrifices, and risk taking. Unfortunately, not all independent games make their debut on Steam or other platforms for a variety of reasons. For games like Field of Heroes by Gamieon, its hard to understand why this game wouldn’t join it’s fellow MOBAs on the Steam library.

fieldofheroes game play

The game play is entertaining and well paced. When you look at the MOBA landscape there are games that are similar, but Field of Heroes has a uniqueness about it that makes us wish it was still in development.

The sad reality is that there are a lot of games that end up as abandoned projects for a variety of reasons. In Field of Heroes case, the game just wasn’t turning out the way the developer had envisioned and so the project was abandoned and we were left with the playable prototype on GameJolt.

Every independent game has it’s own story and even if a game isn’t published, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t have potential.

Field of Heroes

Field of Heroes may be the MOBA that never was, but that doesn’t mean it never will be. It is for that reason that we are taking a closer look at the game and diving into the game play mechanics.

The game is comprised of four unique classed: Knight, Wizard, Archer, and Alchemist. Each class brings their unique skills to the field of play where they put their own spin on how to play soccer.


  • Knight: a hard hitting melee class that has the ability to charge towards opponents and deal massive damage. Best class to man the middle of the field and lead an offensive charge.
  • Wizard: a hard hitting ranged class that truly encompasses a glass cannon. Has the ability to shield himself on cool down and is the perfect class to chase down opponents and turn the tide of battle.
  • Archer: a ranged class that takes advantage of setting crossbow traps all over the map. The crossbows deal passive damage and can be used in offensive and defensive capacity. The Archer is a pest that you just can’t shake.
  • Alchemist: a ranged class with a few tricks up it’s sleeve. Best played from medium range with a knack for defense. The Alchemist can summon brick walls anywhere on the map cutting off the enemy’s offensive advances and stopping them in their tracks.

field of heroes arenaThe matches are short and you can have up to 12 total players at any given time. The prototype even supports local multiplayer for up to two players as well as online game play. You can play in one of two available arenas and enable bots to fill a match.

We encourage indie gamers to take a closer look at Field of Dreams and express your desire to see this game developed via donation or moral support on GameJolt.

field of heroes win

Developer: Gamieon



GameJolt: Field of Heroes


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