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Rogue Trooper Redux: Nintendo Switch Review

Rogue Trooper Redux is the re-polished and re-released version of cult classic third-person 2006 shooter  Rogue Trooper. What this game brings to the Nintendo Switch is a little different than other platforms. It was released on October 17th and is the only “mainstream” shooter title currently available for the Switch.

What that means, is Rogue Trooper Redux has a unique opportunity to quench the thirst of shooter genre fans who own a Switch. This is no small task with titles such as DOOM and Crazy Justice due for release. So how does it live up to the hype?

Game Play

You are given the choice of playing the local campaign or online with friends or via the match-making system. This is a third-person shooter that was released in 2006 originally which means it lacks the typical bells and whistles of 2017 shooters. That being said, the world and characters created by the story of the campaign do a great job of making the player want to find out what comes next.


An interesting mechanic that adds to the game play is that your character’s squadron dies early on in the game, but technology exists to allow them to live on in the form of a biochip once inserted into specific gear or weapons. This means that those personalities still interact with you throughout the campaign, making for a fun yet interesting twist on the story-line.

rogue biochip

The look and feel of the game itself is very dark, yet it fits the mold and style of the game. Since Redux is a re-release, it has some new polish in the form of graphics and aesthetics, but the controls feel a bit choppy. I found myself hitting certain buttons because other shooters require those buttons to perform certain actions. I kept trying to force a reload between bouts of firepower, only to be reminded by the game that reloading is an automatic component of the game.

Targeting is also something you have to adjust to since the game deploys a smart targeting system that is forgiving to those who may not be the best at shooter style games, but still enjoy the genre. Those who specialize at executing flawless head shots are not penalized , but those who struggle in that department may see an added boost.


The cover system is now outdated and makes it somewhat hard to maneuver and adjust, but once you get the hang of it you will barely notice it.


If you are someone who enjoys throwing down with friends online or just taking advantage of the match making system to get a few rounds in, you’ll notice almost immediately that the multiplayer experience is one that will leave you wanting more.

In this setting, you will be deployed as a squadron and you will have a set amount of time to accomplish your mission and only a limited number of shared “lives” to do so.

The massive multiplayer experience is not one you will get with Rogue Trooper Redux. In a world that currently thrives on battle royale type experiences such as Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds it is hard to be satisfied with the 2006 version of online game play.

The Review

Rogue Trooper Redux is a wonderful comic adaptation. It is a revenge driven adventure that has a solid campaign packed with a fun and action packed story line. The cut scenes are well done and well timed and help to further enhance the overall experience of the game.

With all those positives, it is still a 2006 game that is now re-released in 2017 with some much needed polish. Even with that polish, the controls do feel choppy in today’s world and the shooter experience we have all come to know and love gives you the feeling that Rogue Trooper Redux is flawed.


As a re-release, those who played the original version in 2006 should be incredibly pleased. The updates and overall improvements made to the playing experience are notable. If we were to base our review on that alone, we would score it a 7/10.

However, if this is your first outing with Rogue Trooper Redux, you may want to hold off for some of the other shooters making its way to the Nintendo Switch in short order.

Redonkulous Gaming gives Rogue Trooper Redux a 6/10 overall, given that the game was not enhanced enough to meet the expectations of the 2017 gamer


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