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Are You Not Entertained? Step in to the Arena of Valor

Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (or, MOBA) games have been a massive hit for over a decade.  Games like League of Legends (LoL) and Dota 2 attract literally millions of players per month and shell out serious prize money to whatever battle-hardened warriors win the biggest tournaments.

Until now, these games have largely been available to PC players due to the extra dexterity awarded by having a keyboard and mouse. In recent years, however, MOBAs have been making headway in the mobile gaming market as well.

Enter Arena of Valor, or as it’s known in China, King of Glory.

Published by Tencent Games (notice the striking similarities to LoL?), this mobile MOBA has pulled in over 200 million registered players all over China. Its growth has been so quick that China is even stepping in to place stricter restrictions on allowing children to play it, as roughly 25% of players are under the age of 19. It’s rapidly expanding across other parts of Asia and now Europe.

Enter Nintendo.

It was recently announced that this winter will see a port of Arena of Valor to the Nintendo Switch. Now, you know we love it when Nintendo adds top quality ports to the Switch, so we’re suitably geeking out over this. Seeing as the Switch isn’t available in China yet, I think this is a very shrewd move by Nintendo to add on support of this insanely popular title before they release it there. It will definitely help move units.

As a longtime LoL player, I’m honestly surprised there hasn’t been more buzz for this title; there’s huge potential for multiplayer fun with this one. What does this all mean for potential eSports on the Switch? I’m not totally sure. That said, it’s definitely something Redonkulous Gaming will be keeping our eyes on! As more information about release date and cost come about, we’ll be sure to keep you updated.


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