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Pokken Tournament DX: L2P Charizard

First off, we need to preface this post by saying: If you already feel you have a solid grasp on how to play the character or you’re looking for how to compete at a higher level, this is not the post for you. Treat this as simply a 101 overview for a quick rundown on the Pokemon at a high level. That being said, let’s get into it:

This represents the second of 22 “episodes” by Redonkulous Gaming. We will provide overviews of all of the playable characters in the newly released Pokken Tournament DX for Nintendo Switch. Please reference the below video as a compliment to this breakdown.

Overview of Charizard

  • Health Pool: 600 HP
  • Pokemon Type: Power
  • Play-Style: Slower but strong
  • Speed: Slow-Average
  • Recommended CheerStandard until comfortable enough to use Synergy Focused

Duel Phase vs Field Phase

Charizard can shine no matter what phase he is in. While most damage is caused in duel phase in any fight, Charizard can excel in field phase by controlling how and when to enter duel phase. Duel phase is caused by any strong thrashing, but Charizard can really take control from the air. While other characters might be susceptible when they jump, Charizard has a variety of moves that can hurt you or push a duel phase. If your opponent is a jumper then simply execute an easy combo to knock ’em down with (UP+Y) (FORWARD+Y, Y).

Once in duel phase, it is your time to shine. Executing simple combos such as Siesmic Toss:  (DOWN+X) (UP+A) will give you the nostalgic feel goods.




Charizard is not as combo heavy as some of the other fighters in this game. Instead he relies on power and defending as needed to make his mark. If you are going to main Charizard, the one thing you will need to perfect is timing. If you are consistently assaulting your opponent, then you are easily opening up yourself to counter-attacks. As mentioned before, Charizard is not the fastest fighter, so you will need to learn when to time your fiery rushes. You can utilize the following combo to make the most of your offensive advances:


The great thing about this one is that it will leave your opponent reeling and open them up for another attack. If executed properly, you will rush forward, execute a spin move popping your opponent up into the air, and finish them off with an upwards fiery rush.

Synergy Phase

We rate all Synergy Phases (Mega-Evolutions) on a scale of 1 to Redonkulous! Here is where Charizard stacks up to the other playable characters:

  • Strength of Synergy Phase: Charizard’s Mega-Evolution is Redonkulous! We give it this score simply because you want to maximize how many time you can use it throughout the fight due to the damage caused and the increase defense innately given to those in this phase.
  • Coolness Factor: Charizard is the king of dragons, so by default he was already freaking cool prior to his patented Mega-Evolution. In this case the rich get richer as we give Charizard a Redonkulous score here.
  • Finisher: Charizard’s finisher (ultimate) move is pretty strong alone. For you overachievers out there who have mastered Seismic toss, try pairing that with the finisher (L+R). Once you have mega-evolved with synergy burst, time (UP+A) to perform Seismic Toss. Once you have thrown your opponent to the ground and Charizard is still in mid-air, immediately press (L+R) again to go right into your ultimate move. The ease of use and combination of two cool party tricks earns another score of Redonkulous across the board.


Support Pokemon

In addition to to your playable Pokemon, you get to choose a combination of 2 support Pokemon to aid you in battle by pressing (L) when your support gauge is full. This will summon your selected Pokemon to perform a move before fleeing the battlefield. While ultimately the choice will likely come down to personal preference, here is the support combination we recommend to get you started:

support charz

  • Dragonite: The only thing better than fighting with one dragon is fighting with two. At least that’s how we see it. Dragonite swoops in and executes a wide-area attack that will leave your opponent susceptible to Charizard. Time it properly to take advantage of your enemy recoiling.
  • Victini: Victini will do three things for you. Your attacks will become critical attacks temporirily, your HP will refill slight, and your synergy gauge will be increased. Not bad for this tiny support system.

The choice is yours, so be sure to play around with other support options that fit your play-style!

Is Charizard a favorite of yours? Let us know in the comments sections below!


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