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Rayman Legends a Welcomed Addition to Switch

Rayman Legends has joined the Switch’s library and that is a good thing. Yes, the game was originally released in 2013 for a variety of platforms and had a lot of success. Enough success to pick up a few awards and remaster it for a September 2017 release on the Switch.

The pessimist in me has a desire to side with those who feel this is “pretty much” the same game. But the dedicated Nintendo Switch player in me feels the $40 price tag is worth it.

The overall argument against Rayman Legends DE for the Switch is that it feels like more of the same. The reality is, if you are a fan of the franchise and you own a Switch, then this should be a no brainer for you. UbiSoft took an award winning game, made it look even better, added some Switch technology to the adventure, and recreated a masterpiece.


I was a little gun-shy myself, but it took about 15 minutes of playing the demo (available currently on the Nintendo eShop) before I made my purchase official. The combination of mini-games and challenge modes coupled with well-designed (and very colorful) levels makes this game a blast.

The nostalgia factor for this game is very real. My (self-diagnosed) OCD really starts to kick in when the indicator on the top right corner tells me how much of each level I have completed. I have a hard time moving on to the next level without at least attempting a near perfect score. Rayman Legends DE also supports up to 4 different players either online or locally as an added bonus.

Buy it – If you are a fan of the Rayman franchise. If you liked the 2013 version of this game, you’ll like the 2017 version even more. With the extra content and instant gratification factor that nostalgia brings, you won’t regret it.

Don’t buy it – If you still actively play it on a platform from the 2013 release. Granted, those systems do not have the same perks (portability and touch screen) that the Switch does, so you’ll be missing out.

Demo it – while you still can if you are new to the franchise. The demo is actually very robust. The content includes a full cast of playable characters, a few levels, and mini-game “Kung Foot” for your enjoyment.



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