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Why the Novelty of ARMS Wore Off Quickly

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When you look at the landscape of fighting games available today, there is certainly a plethora of options. That being said, unless you have a certain inclination for the characters, the game tends to turn into one that you dust off every couple of months to mix it up.


When ARMS made its debut for the Nintendo Switch, some viewed it as the game that could change the genre (and it gave an alternative to Zelda and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe). The ability to fight with the Joy-Cons really added flair in addition to the unique method of fighting: with elongated-robotic-demon-arms. This was the first game that truly got the gamer up, moving, and interacting with what was seen on screen.

While ARMS saw some success, the novelty has worn off for some since its release in June of 2017. As it turned out, the best part of ARMS is actually watching someone play ARMS.


The spastic (and somewhat uncoordinated) movements required makes the person playing ARMS the actual entertainment. If you really want to spice up your game-play, try adding real world obstacles to the room you are playing in. If you enjoy watching people fall down in public, catch an elbow on a side table, or potentially punch the tv then ARMS may be for you.

ARMS is now one of those games I will pick up and dust off every couple of months to see if I’ve still got it. This does not make ARMS a bad game, it just makes it a novelty that puts the technology of the Nintendo Switch on display.


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