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Why Blasting Rabbids Feels So Right…

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It may be difficult for some (or even most) to see Mario holding a hand-cannon. It may be even more difficult for those people to then see him blast the odd-looking offspring of a rabbit and a minion (aka Rabbid). If that doesn’t blow your mind, then let me be the first to tell you… Luigi makes even the best snipers look tame.

Once you overcome the oddities of Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle you really start to enjoy and grow accustomed to to love child of UbiSoft and Nintendo.

There is something strangely gratifying about blasting a Rabbid from across the map with Luigi. The side effects caused by the blasters can make it even more entertaining watching them bounce off of the surrounding environment, coating them in honey so they can’t move, or blinding them with ink so they can’t fire back at you.

The game-play footage on display here shows a battle in which the objective is simply to eliminate the rival Rabbid threat. What makes this task a little trickier is that all Rabbids are not created equal, and some (as shown here) have different abilities or weapons that help add little wrinkles to each bout.

The combination of the 3-man team you see here of Rabbid Peach, Mario, and Luigi allows the player to utilize each team members strengths:

Luigi – He has the range that is expected of a sniper, yet he also possesses the ability to deploy Rabbid-seeking robots to cause area-of-effect (AoE) damage. He can also deploy his own personal counter-attacks when a Rabbid moves into range or enhance his team members range with a power up.

Mario – he is a hard-hitting, mid-range blaster, who is also the leader of your little squad. Whether you ask him to dash through opponents or utilize team jump to squash your enemies, he brings a lot to the table. When in melee range, he will deploy a hammer that causes an AoE effect allowing him to hit multiple targets. He, like Luigi, also has the ability to counter-attack or enhance his team by providing a power-up that increases team damage for a turn.

Rabbid Peach – Believe it or not, she is the tank of this little devil’s three-some. Like Mario, she is a solid mid-range fighter, but she is best suited near her teammates due to her ability to heal those near her. If you have to leave someone on the battlefield without cover to draw enemy fire, you can utilize her self-shield ability for a single turn as well. She also has the ability to perform a double-dash if two enemies are within her range, which can be extra-effective when you follow that up with a shot from her blaster.



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