Brawl Stars is easily Supercells most streamable title. The matches are quick and the competition can be pretty darn good. Watching the matches are just about as enjoyable as actually playing, which is why you can watch members from your club or people on your friends list brawling in game. You can also check out Brawl TV as another streaming option in addition to multiple third party platforms like YouTube and Twitch. So many ways to actually consume Brawl Stars, and it has taken this long for a competitive end game option.

Finally, it’s here. Power Play dropped last night, and if you aren’t familiar with the event, you can read up on Power Play rules here.

The challenge Supercell faced, and will continue dealing with, is balancing the competitive portion of the game with the more casual player. They have done a good job (initially) of dealing with this by separating trophy count from Power Play entirely. This allows anyone that has at least one brawler with a Star Power to participate. This eliminates uneven matches, and while those without a Star Power may complain about this, it is for the best, especially when considering game balance.

Here are 10 Things Power Play Brings to Brawl Stars
  1. Ladder System – This is something we haven’t really seen to this point because there was no reason, outside of character skins, to really push trophies. An independent ladder was absolutely needed.
  2. Competitive Edge – This will happen as a result of having a real ladder system, but it was too hard for newer players to break into competitive matches due to the nature of clubs, and the trophy count restrictions. Now anyone with a Star Power can test their meddle.
  3. Meaningful Seasons – I play Brawl Stars daily, for hours, and I barely paid attention to when the trophy season ended. I just didn’t care as much about Star Points as some players do. Power Play brings a more meaningful season to participate in.
  4. Rewards – Power Play will give players a new way to earn rewards. This goes without saying, but one of the main complaints about Star Points when they were released was that the players didn’t have enough ways to earn them. Changes were made to the seasonal trophy rewards to fix this, but Power Play is another way for players to see further in game rewards.
  5. Streamers – With additional competition will come new streamers and content creators. As mentioned earlier, Brawl Stars is already fun to watch, so Power Play is likely to attract more content.
  6. New Players – As a result of more content (both in game and online), there is a good chance we will see even more players pick up Brawl Stars. This is great for the overall community and continued longevity of the game.
  7. Distinct Meta – You have likely seen many tier lists while searching the internet for information on which brawler is best and a lot of it is opinion based. However, we may see a real distinct meta emerge as a result of Power Play, which will likely need to be manage and carefully balanced by Supercell.
  8. Team Meta – This already existed at the highest end of the trophy grind, however we will begin to see this at the lower end of Power Play. This is where team members will create a strategy to go along with carefully picked brawlers. We may see a limited number of strategies and brawler composition prove to be the most effective over time. Another thing for Supercell to manage.
  9. Club Changes – With the true end game for Brawl Stars changing, the main social feature, Clubs, will also need to see some changes. No longer can a player be judged based on total trophy count, and really, it should not have been that way before. Players who are unwilling to pay for Brawl Boxes, who also are highly skilled brawlers, are penalized for having a lower overall trophy count. The Power Play points system will force Clubs to recruit differently and Supercell to make proper changes to support.
  10. Voice Communication – This will be more important than ever. With only three matches per day, over the course of 14 days, you really afford to lose and remain highly competitive. The easiest way to lose is by having a random team member go rogue or leeeeeeeeeroy jenkins your team. Voice communication at the very least will need to be a requirement if your desire is to compete at a high level.

This is my own conspiracy theory, but over the last year or so we have seen a TON of new brawlers join the lineup. We have also seen more event modes, special events, star powers, and new currencies. Finally, with the release of Power Play, we have end game content that is accessible to anyone with a Star Power. With all of this content and the continued rise of esports, I could see Brawl Stars officially hitting console or streaming platforms like Stadia in the near future.

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