Hello new brawler and welcome to Brawl Stars! You did it. You downloaded a free game on your phone or tablet! Perhaps you have even completed the basic tutorial and now consider yourself to be a Shelly master! Or maybe you have unlocked your first few brawlers and you are starting to think, “hey, this game is kinda fun.” Well, it sure is little Jimmy… it sure is.

Hopefully you have found and read our initial post about getting into Brawl Stars in 2019 and even found it (a little) helpful. This post is going to assume that you have and build upon what was previously written.

In this post I will review the Brawl Stars roster and classify brawlers based on their strengths and weaknesses. You can learn more about the different game modes here.

Brawl Stars: Classes and Roles

Even in the early stages of Brawl Stars, it is easy to see that brawlers have their strengths and weaknesses. This speaks to the overall balance of the game, and it is something Supercell manages really well, even at the rate in which they churn out new content. The net of having 30 brawlers to choose from is that you start to notice that a class or role system develops.

TANKThese are your heavy hitters that have a larger health pool and generally require targets to be nearby to maximize the effectiveness of their attacks. Frank would be an exception to this rule, as he has more of a mid-range, but a much slower time to deliver this attack.
FIGHTER This is the most common brawler you will be unlocking. All are good at attacking short-mid range and have standard health pools. However, they are nuanced in their play style.
SHARPSHOOTER – The name tells you that they are quite good from a distance. These are your ranged brawlers that will pick at you from afar. Closing in on them is the best way to defeat them. Their health pools are lower overall, except for 8-BIT.
THROWER – These guys can really be a pain. Brawl Stars is a game of survival, but throwers can make that hard when they are hiding behind cover and doling out the damage. They have lower health pools overall, but catching them is the trick. Try not to get caught chasing!
HEALER – This is a specialty role that deals damage in order to heal and is a great addition to most teams. They have standard health pools and have the ability to heal themselves and their teammates.
SUPPORT – Another specialty role. Support brawlers do not cleanly fit into other categories because they bring utility into battle that the other brawlers do not. They are specialized and can maximize the performance of others around them and disorient the opposition.
Which brawler or play style are you enjoying the most? Tell us why in the comments below!



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