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Wild Glory Review: Conquer the Crowd

Arena based games are generally a ton of fun, which explains their popularity. Most of the appeal comes from the replay-ability and the fact that the experience tends to change … Continue Reading Wild Glory Review: Conquer the Crowd


INFERNIUM: Nintendo Switch Review

The key differentiation in Infernium’s Hell is that danger in plain sight. Rarely will evil jump out to attack you like in most horror games. Instead, evil will present you with a challenge in which you will need to have a strategy behind all of your movements.

Cubiques 1 & 2: A Soothing Puzzler

Cubiques and Cubiques 2 are minimalistic puzzlers with an inexpensive price tag. Both present unique challenges, with the greater challenge found in Cubiques 2. With 140 levels between the two games, these puzzlers will keep you busy for quite some time.

Resurgence: Earth United

In the not too distant future, the Earth will be invaded by aliens and the human race will be rendered near extinct. Twenty-five years after barely surviving the onslaught, the aliens have returned, but the human race still has not fully recovered.