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NoReload Heroes Launches on Steam – Nintendo Switch Up Next!

NoReload Heroes is the perfect fit for the Switch. Not only has the Switch helped to bring party couch games back in style, but Stupid Stupid Games has created a co-operative experience with a cool backstory and fun cast of characters.


Masters of Anima: Nintendo Switch Review

Masters of Anima is a very busy game and any given battle requires a lot of strategy specifically as it relates to how your Guardians are deployed. Controlling up to 100 Guardians and Otto is no small task, however the sleek console port makes it an enjoyable experience so that the player can enjoy the rest of what the game as to offer.

INFERNIUM: Nintendo Switch Review

The key differentiation in Infernium’s Hell is that danger in plain sight. Rarely will evil jump out to attack you like in most horror games. Instead, evil will present you with a challenge in which you will need to have a strategy behind all of your movements.