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Pirates: All Aboard! Nintendo Switch Review

April 13th was a good day for Qubic Games, who have already developed, ported, or published 6 games for Nintendo Switch since it’s release. You may remember Qubic Games from an … Continue Reading Pirates: All Aboard! Nintendo Switch Review


The Way Remastered – Will Love Conquer All?

The Way was originally released on Steam on May 20, 2016. The game came out with mixed reviews and caught the attention of some players for its nostalgic throwback to Another World and Flashback. The game took a lot of cues from those games and had some struggles with its initial release. The Way has been remastered and has had some major improvements for its release on the Nintendo Switch.

Masters of Anima: Nintendo Switch Review

Masters of Anima is a very busy game and any given battle requires a lot of strategy specifically as it relates to how your Guardians are deployed. Controlling up to 100 Guardians and Otto is no small task, however the sleek console port makes it an enjoyable experience so that the player can enjoy the rest of what the game as to offer.

Conquer the Storm and Make Sail!

Make Sail is first and foremost a building and simulation game. A large chunk of your play time will be dedicated to creating, improving, and even destroying the boats you make. As a result, you will get out of Make sail what you are willing to put into it.

Resurgence: Earth United

In the not too distant future, the Earth will be invaded by aliens and the human race will be rendered near extinct. Twenty-five years after barely surviving the onslaught, the aliens have returned, but the human race still has not fully recovered.

Make the Pantropy Pledge

Pantropy is a faction-based game that ultimately comes down to economics. The more resources you control, the more power your faction will ultimately have. Combine this with the massive multiplayer online experience, FPS, and aliens and you have Pantropy.