Earlier this year, Triple Scale Games released Save Your Nuts on Steam. Here is the problem with that, not everyone is set up to play a couch party game on their PC, no matter how good or entertaining the game is. But first, let’s back up and talk about what the hilariously titled game actually is.

First off, it is just plain and silly fun. The main reason I say this is that the entire game is just a cluster. Your main goal is to save your nuts, as the title implies, but the methods of doing so are different based on game modes. As of writing this post, the game is discounted to only $8.00 down from the originally posted price of $14.99 USD.

The game supports up to 8 players one the same screen locally, online, or against the AI. A game like this really only has staying power beyond the occasional pick-up-game when you can play with friends online or locally. It has a very real soccer element, and while it is no Rocket League, it has it’s own form of entertainment given the silliness of squirrels, nuts, dogs, and other animals coupled with different power ups which drastically change the game and how you play.

The longevity of Save Your Nuts really comes down to picking a platform beyond Steam which would compliment the game and allows for it to be shared with friends. This is where it absolutely feels like a game that belongs on the Nintendo Switch, and I personally hope that this is where the developer hopes to go with it. When I play games on my PC, I almost never do local multiplayer, which really can diminish a game that heavily relies on reactions of those you are playing against. However, with my Switch I am always ready to rock with at least 4 people locally, and generally 2 or more when I am on the go.

While online game play will absolutely enhance a mostly dominated AI experience, playing with people you know will be what ultimately creates the laughs and keeps you coming back for more.

Gameplay Modes

  • Capture the Nut: 
    Collect nuts one by one before time’s up. You have only 5 minutes to collect 5 nuts. Once the buzzer sounds, the team with the most nuts wins the match. If the score is tied, the game goes into overtime!
  • Thieves:
    Steal nuts from the other team’s safe house and fight for more than one nut at a time. Do you love chaos? Because chaos is what you get with this gameplay mode.
  • Battle:
    Take out the opposition and be the last one standing to win.
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