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Who is Fig?

Fig is a community publisher. We involve the community of gamers and fans in the publishing process, with the mission of providing funding and promotion of fresh, innovative games from independent studios.

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What is Talking About Media?

Talking About Media is a service provider for the video game industry. Its main product is Next2Indies, a group of services to support independent developers with key tasks related to:

  • Product & Business
  • Marketing, Communication and PR
  • Publishing

N2I has sided with some great indie games. From VR poetic games to puzzle games set in outer space. Each alliance is unique: we only team up if we really believe in the project and if there’s true chemistry between the development team and ours. It’s all about quality over quantity!

Our clients:

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Who is Qubic Games?

QubicGames can help you port your game to Nintendo Switch and publish in all regions.


We have the necessary dev kits and experience to be your partner and bring your title to an exciting new platform full of players eager to try the latest Indie creations. Please fill out this form to help us understand if your game fits in our requirements frame. Please be advised that an advanced development stage and a potential for multiplayer fun are a must-have.

Notable Games: Robonauts, Astro Bears Party and other titles can be found here:



What is

AdoptMyGame is a platform made by the dev studio, QubicGames, to help other game developers find the right business partners. It’s extremely simple: Developers show their games, describe their current needs and can be contacted by: buyers, publishers, investors, distributors, providers, press etc. You get visibility and connect with new people FOR FREE!

Our site has over 700 projects listed! Add your game today!