Raid: Shadow Legends was a game I stumbled across by watching a video that was made by one of my favorite content creators. This creator did a very short plug talking about a mobile game for raiders who enjoy dungeon or loot grinding. I decided to check it out and very early on I was quite please with the game overall. It had enough to offer that I continued to log in, and even saw my daily play time hit three hours or more. For me, that is a TON of time to invest in just about any mobile game, but I was hooked early by some of the rewards provided to new players. Mainly, the energy to run dungeons to my hearts content, and an epic champion to gear up.

Over the past couple of weeks, I went from playing non-stop to barely logging in. Normally I would say that it had just run its course and I no longer enjoyed it, but that would be false. I actually still rather like the game, but what I cannot stand is logging in for the first time after the daily cycle resets. I actually did this yesterday to test it out. I logged in for the first time and counted all the many pop ups and offers before i could perform a single action in game. Nine. NINE! Nine pop ups all with special offers and loot boxes to further advance the game in some capacity.

Look, I know what I am getting into when I play ‘free’ mobile games. Most have an element of pay-to-win. That is how they make money and develop future content, or release more games on the market. Furthermore, the mobile app is just a cash cow, with most everyone linking some form of payment to their mobile devices, it is really easy to authorize a purchase with literally the tip of your finger. It would be silly for a developer or publisher to remove these loot crates from these games, but I do take issue with the mode of delivering these so-called ‘special offers’ to the user.

I should not have to log into any game, just to dismiss nine pop ups before I can perform any action in the game. It is fair to offer loot crates in the store. It is also fair to offer me one, two, maybe even three of these offers via pop ups when I log in. What is just silly and ridiculous is when I can’t even perform basic functions before I review these offers.

I am a big fan of Brawl Stars, and it is easily my preferred mobile game of choice. How Supercell has gone about presenting offers in Brawl Stars provides a generally pleasing user experience. For those who have not played Brawl Stars, here is some context:

Upon opening up the game, I get the loading screen and then the main UI loads. There is a little red bubble by the shop signifying an offer. I tap on the shop, willingly I might add, and I see a special offer available for a set period of time. I also see a daily reward that I can claim for free that is randomly assigned, in addition to other special in game rewards that I can buy with other in-game currency. Now, much like Raid and most other mobile games, this in game currency can be purchased with real dollars if you so choose. Should you opt to not purchase, then great, you move on and start brawling. If you were to log in later in the day, you no longer will have an alert to check out the shop unless a new offer cycles in.

The same cannot be said about Raid, and likely many other games. I just tested this by closing and re-opening Raid, only to find yet another real-dollar offer.

At this point, I have done a good bit of ranting, but my point is that this problem has become somewhat of an epidemic in the gaming community as a whole. Hearthstone lost my interest because of this as well, especially because I was being asked to essentially gamble my money for what amounted to random cards. The mobile gaming community is obviously not the only group dealing with this, and we have certainly seen quite a bit of pay-to-win loot crates in mainstream games as well.

If we accept micro transactions as a reality of gaming in 2019 and beyond, then can we as a community at least take a stand on how they being advertised? We shouldn’t have to log in to any game and dismiss a laundry list of cash-grab offers.

I just want to play the game.

How do you feel about this? Have you given up on a game because of something similar? If so, which one(s)? Let us know in the comments section below.

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