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Games to Watch: An Interview with UNLEASHED

RPG with an Interesting Premise

RPGs today all follow a similar pattern and, generally speaking, gamers know what to expect when they opt into purchasing and playing a RPG. However, RPGs have evolved over the years and new sandbox components such as resource gathering, crafting, and building have become the new norm. Thanks to the success of games like Minecraft and Portal Knights, sandbox capabilities are commonly thrown into a game with a leveling component.

Other RPGs, such as the Final Fantasy saga, are more story driven and our love for those games stems from our connection to the characters. You also have Pokemon games in all the colors of the rainbow, that follow a story, but give you open world exploration with the ability to level and customize your pets to your liking.

But what if there was a RPG that combined all of these elements? Enter, UNLEASHED!

We spoke with Florent Goumot-Labesse, who is the lead on the Unleashed project that is currently slated for release in summer of 2018.

Florent grew up on games like Final Fantasy and Pokemon. Over the years he observed that while he grew up with Pokemon, the game didn’t necessarily grow up with him. Despite the fact that Pokemon and similar games have thrived over the years, they never quite evolved enough to maintain an older audience outside of nostalgia.

Florent then made it his mission to assemble a team to create a new RPG that was darker and more mature to appeal to a wider audience. He combined this idea with all the features gamers love in RPGs (leveling, combat, deep story, farming, crafting, building) and went to work on Unleashed. If you, for some reason, are getting tired of playing RPG games, we recommend you to try out Stellaris, here are the 3 most fun Stellaris playthrough ideas

Unleashed Backstory and Concept

Florent knew he wanted to make a darker and more mature RPG, so he started out by listing core game mechanics he wanted to include and then went to work on the underlying theme. What could be innovative, attractive, and dark enough to appeal to gamers?

The answer: Sins vs Virtues

Instead of re-using and re-purposing traditional elements such as fire, ice, lightning, etc, Unleashed opted for a whole new genre: using the seven primordial sins and virtues.

It took the team roughly two months to implement the ideas around the theme and the core mechanics. Once this was done, the efforts were put into trying to find the right artists who were willing to take this on as a passion project. Once the talent was identified the team went to work for the next six months. The project was officially “born” in February of 2017 and now in December of 2017 the team finally has fully functioning mechanics.

The Story Arch

A powerful curse has been cast across the world. It changed the people, who became the expression of their primordial sin. It resulted in impulsive actions, led by their burning desire. Everyone’s soul got broken into ten parts, each one being represented either by a sin or a virtue that could be summoned in the form of a creature. When someone dies, the fragments of their souls are set free, and creatures are unleashed into the wilderness…

A while after the curse was unleashed, a religious order called “The Devoted” was created. Its initial goal, at first unclear, was to take advantage of the curse to control people’s obscured mind. They wanted to convince the people that the curse was a blessing, freeing humans from their darkness. However, some people weren’t affected by the spell. Thus, they could not be manipulated and it raised questions that the Devoted did not want to answer. They decided to deject their power by calling those who weren’t affected by the curse “The Rejected”, as if they did not receive the gift of the blessing like everyone else.

This story revolves around a girl named Mercy, a Rejected. She lost her father before the curse was cast and she has been living with her mother and brother. One day, her mother is kidnapped, leaving Mercy and her brother Leo without parents. Suspicious about the Devoted, Mercy tries to find her mother and discover what The Devoted are really up to.


Unleashed will feature semi-turn-based combat with creatures representing ten soul fragments of sin or virtue. Any character can hold up to ten creatures at a time, but no more than three creatures can be summoned at once. Once all the creatures have been defeated, the character them-self, must fight for their life.Each creature will have six different actions available which will have different “types” that will range across the seven sins and virtues. Each sin will be more efficient against a specific virtue and vice versa. Virtues are not going to be very efficient against other virtues and this same concept holds true for sins.

Because the combat will be semi-turn-based, creatures will have cool-downs imposed before they can act. However, cool-downs can be changed and manipulated in a variety of ways.

Check back here for more information on Unleashed as it approaches it’s projected Summer 2018 release on Steam!

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