Hey now, you’re a Brawl Star. Get your game on, Crow play!

Now that I have gotten that out of my system, it is a great time to join in the fun on the 52nd ranked app in the iTunes store, Brawl Stars.

Brawl Stars is made by Supercell, who also brought you Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, and Clash Royale. All of which are ranked 6th, 77th, and 5th respectively within their app category on iTunes. In other words, Supercell knows how to make a fun mobile game. The thing about Brawl Stars that make it different, and in my opinion the best, is the brawler balance and the rate in which new content is released.

I have been playing Brawl Stars since spring on 2018, and I have been hooked from the beginning. In fact, I have two profiles, for reasons I will get into below.

Before jumping in, know that this post is for those of you who are interested in playing Brawl Star, or may be relatively new and are looking for some more information.


In this post I will review

Game Premise

Game Rewards

Game Loot Crates

Game Currencies

New Player Tips and Tricks

Game Premise

The name of the game gives away a good chunk of this, but to help further define, Brawl Stars is an area based mobile game in which you can play solo, or team up with friends to take different maps and game modes. As of today a new brawler was introduced to the lineup (Emz), which brings the total playable brawler count up to 30.

Each brawler has a main attack that are generally sorted by short, mid, or long range specialties. This main attack is used to charge up a brawlers super, and these supers are designed to either provide a powered-up attack, perform a support function, or a utility action.

At a brawler’s max level (10), they gain access to something called a star power. This star power unlocks additional functionality for that brawler that ultimately enhances that character and likely will alter how that brawler is played in some fashion. Currently, players can unlock up to two star powers per brawler, which will help a brawler perform and play differently based on game mode selected along with accompanying map.

Game Rewards

There are a total of eight game modes, and the modes and maps rotate over a 24 hour cycle. By either outright winning, or placing in the top 4 of any game mode, you will earn a Star Token once a day. these tokens can be used to open up a Big Brawl Box. you can earn normal tokens just by playing the game which can be used to open normal Brawl Boxes. The main difference here is that the amount of rewards in a Big Box are, you guessed it, bigger than the regular Brawl Boxes.

Each brawler also has a trophy system. The game will seed your match ups based on your individual brawler’s trophies. As your trophy count increases, so to will your competition. I mention trophy count in this section because the cumulative number of trophies across all your brawlers can grant you access to new rewards on Trophy Road.

The Trophy Road rewards are the big ticket items, and help to track your progression all while providing major (free) incentives to keep the game fresh. It also provides early stage rewards that will help with the overall pacing of the game. The types of rewards you get from the trophy grind are: Big Brawl Boxes, new brawlers, unlock events/game modes, token doublers, power points, coins, event tickets, Mega Boxes.

What’s in the Box?!?!

I already hit on how you obtain the variety of boxes, but I haven’t yet told you why you want them.

The loot box, no matter the size, is really the way you develop and enhance your brawlers. The Trophy Road is the only exception to this and that is still relatively limited as it rewards for overall progress rather than an on-demand system to level-up.

In the brawl boxes you will always find a few coins, even if you have all brawlers at max level. Boxes will also contain a chance at receiving:

  • Power Points – randomly assigned based on brawlers you have unlocked
  • Token Doubler – a chance to double your reward from brawling
  • Gems – used to purchase items in the game’s shop
  • Event Tickets – used to participate in special weekend-only event game modes
  • New Brawler – you always have a small chance to find a new brawler that has not been unlocked
  • Star Power – Once a brawler is level 9, you have the chance to discover that brawlers star power which will allow that brawler to hit level cap 10 and learn a new skill
Game Currencies

Alright. So you have downloaded the game, played a few matches and unlocked a couple of crates, and maybe even a new brawler or two. So you should already have some experience with the game currency, but there may be a few things you still don’t know. Hopefully this will help you fully understand all the in-game currencies, and maybe even assist with how to spend (or not spend) them.

Power Points – Power Points can be found by progressing on the Trophy Road or opening brawl boxes. If obtained in a brawl box, the points are randomly assigned to a character you already have unlocked. Upon reaching the required amount of points to level a brawler, you will be prompted to spend coins and convert those points to a new brawler level. The amount of points to level a brawler is the same for all 30 brawlers, however the rate at which you earn points for a brawler will be different and generally RNG/luck based. This means that you will not always be able to level your brawlers at an even pace, but there is a good chance you will not have the coins available to level even if you have the power points required.

Coins – Coins are the most basic currency in Brawl Stars and they really are the only currency that you can count on consistently. You earn coins by playing the game, and you earn them faster if you play the game well. In other words, if you win a match, you are rewarded at a higher rate than if you lose. Hopefully I haven’t lost you, but if I did, stick with me.

You earn coins through the opening of any of the three loot boxes obtained with tokens. Tokens are rewarded to you by brawling, and the faster you earn tokens the faster you can convert them to coins (and other goodies) through the opening of boxes. Once you

Gems – Gems are the highest form of currency in the game based on the impact that can make to actual game play. Gems can be earned through opening brawl boxes, or by spending real dollars. Gems can be used to purchase brawl boxes, including mega boxes, coins, skins, or token doublers. Gems are pretty hard to come by in game, and this is where Supercell has the best chance of taking some money out of your pocket, as you may get the itch to spend some hard-earned cash to progress your brawlers at a faster rate. You will also be presented with special offers to buy gem/coins every once in awhile when you visit the shop.

Star Points – This is something I have yet to really touch on and I have delayed doing so until now because Star Points are really something to strive for in the ‘end-game’ of Brawl Stars. You earn star points by hitting new trophy ranks with individual brawlers. Rank 10, 15, 20 and so on will reward you with a small number of Star Points which you can use to buy items in the exclusive ‘Star Shop’ section of the game shop. You will also be rewarded with Star Points at the end of each ‘season’ if you have brawlers above a certain trophy threshold.

Exclusive skins for the brawlers you have unlocked can be obtained in the star shop along with brawl boxes. These items rotate in and out pretty regularly and the main reward to chasing star points comes from the vanity skin. The rare skins cost a TON of star points, so for new players try to hold off from buying the low hanging vanity skins such as ‘Linebacker Bull.’ You will thank me later when you have enough for a ‘Light Mecha Bo’ or something better and even more rare.

Game Currency: Tips and Tricks

I will start by saying that you should enjoy the game at your own pace, and consume it’s content accordingly. It’s a really fun game with quite a bit of staying power. That being said, I mentioned earlier that I have two profiles and I am about to tell you why.

Over a year ago, when I started playing Brawl Stars, there were about half the brawlers that there are now. This has been absolutely awesome to ride the wave of new content, but there was definitely a lower cost of entry to ‘max out’ your brawlers. So back then, I was impatient and I spent a hefty chunk of change to exactly that. Before I knew it I had every brawler unlocked and at max level. The only problem was I was severely under-performing because I had gotten so used to being so ‘powerful’ during the lower end of the trophy climb, but when faced against brawlers who were also level 10, I simply wasn’t as good with my selected brawler as they were. This actually caused more frustration over the game than anything else. So i decided to create a second profile and experience the game organically without spending money, and really learn the nuances of each brawler. As a result, here are a few things I learned from both experiences:

  1. Don’t Spend Money — and if you do, do it very infrequently. You will be a better brawler if you figure out how the play and win with lower powered brawlers and you will be that much better off for it at Rank 20+
  2. Don’t Blow Star Points — most of the skins are pretty cool and fun, but don’t blow them on the basic skins unless you are just throwing them away. This game has new content and skins available on a pretty regular basis and you will likely have buyers remorse in the event of an update.
  3. Watch Brawl Talk — yes, it can be a little quirky, but when the game tells you there is a new episode it generally comes with some pretty useful information. This is often how new brawlers, skins, star powers, balance changes, etc are communicated outside of reading the patch notes.
  4. Spend Coins Wisely — especially early in the game. Shelley is an awesome brawler, but it may not make sense to level her up to 9 while your others brawlers sit at level one. I was all about star powers early on, and I was guilty of throwing coins at one or two brawlers at the expense of the rest of my roster. Try to avoid this, because some brawlers may be a better go to on certain game modes or maps than others.
  5. Participate in Weekend Events – this is another game feature I ignored early on, but it can really be the best way to earn brawl boxes and unlock Power Points, brawlers, star powers, etc. The more tickets you spend, the higher your overall rewards.

There is SO much more to this game that I haven’t yet touched on and there will be a lot more from me to come. Check back soon, but until then let me know your thoughts below.

Do you agree with these tips? What did I miss? What advice do you have for new Brawlers out there?

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