Gunbreaker is probably one of the coolest Jobs/Classes/etc that I have ever seen in any MMO. Let me put this in perspective. As most readers know, a good chunk of my MMO experience is tied to World of Warcraft. Approximately 15 years sunk into WoW with minor breaks here and there for life events such as marriage or new jobs.

Anyway, over those 15 years I have flirted with various WoW killers trying to find something ‘better’ or something which represented a ‘challenge’ or change of pace. So I continuously left WoW only to come back to WoW, because I ultimately felt like nothing was as good.

I played FFXIV A Realm Reborn, and even though I liked the story, I felt a little bored, so I went back to WoW.

I played Tera, but I was essentially alone and just didnt get deep enough into the game, so, back to WoW I go.

I tried SWTOR with a group of online friends from WoW, and we all eventually reverted back.

Don’t worry, I also gave famed ‘WoW Killer’ Wildstar a shot too, and it of course also fell short, right along with RIFT.

All of that to simply say, I have a lot of MMO experience and I gravitate towards tanks and healers. Gunbreaker in FFXIV expansion Shadowbringers is absolutely the most fun I have had as a tank.

It doesn’t matter where I am in the content, I always find playing Gunbreaker to be rewarding. This is absolutely 100% the type of post about my own personal preference, and some of you FFXIV vets who are playing Paladin, Warrior, or Dark Knight may disagree. If i just described you, then fight me, because Gunbreaker feels like the future of tanking, and here is why:

  1. Rotation – I have played Dark Knight and Paladin thus far, so I cannot comment on Warrior, but the rotation of the GNB is just super fun and deep. The 1, 2, 3 button combos which are pretty standard across FFXIV are enhanced with the continuation skill, which allows an off-cooldown extra sword-slash to help push DPS.
  2. Mitigation – This is something FFXIV is pretty good at overall, as all tank jobs are given baseline mitigation skills. The GNB is different than the other tanks because of it’s ability to HOT heal every 60 seconds, which is a little extra utility to help even out damage spikes. While most players will complain about the GNB’s invulnerability skill (not every class should play like a Paladin), this distinction and extra utility is really nice.
  3. Style – Plainly put, GNB make tanking cool. The Dark Knight may have made it edgy, but the Gunbreaker just has a swagger to it. The damage output as well as mitigation can be amazing as long as you manage cooldowns properly, and let’s face it, the simultaneous slashing and burst of gunfire is just really cool to see on screen.
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