There has been a lot of chatter lately about Blizzard making certain games available on Nintendo Switch. Nothing has been officially confirmed, but the top candidate to make the official debut would be Hearthstone.

The line of thinking is that the touchscreen for the Switch would help to streamline game-play. It also exists as a mobile app and the requirements to run the game would not require a lot of tweaking. It may even be safe to assume that if Nintendo and Blizzard were to reach an agreement, we may be able to see Hearthstone on the Switch by the end of 2017. But Hearthstone isn’t the only game circling the rumor mill.

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There has been a pick up in clamor to bring Blizzard’s FPS Overwatch to the Switch. While this is a hot game right now and the demand is certainly there (due to the popularity of E-Games) it would be difficult undertaking.

For all the positives of the Switch, it does have limitations which would require Blizzard to rework and retool Overwatch. However, because it is made available on other popular consoles in addition to PC, it is only natural for gamers to want to play Overwatch on the go. This would feel and seem to be the logical next release following Hearthstone, but what about Diablo 3?

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Diablo 3 was made available on consoles such as Xbox and PlayStation in addition to PC just like Overwatch. The requirements to run the game would require less tweaking to bring to the Switch. To top it all off, the Diablo franchise has a very loyal following.

While Diablo 3 is not as new or fresh as Overwatch, it is still releasing new content. The latest mini-expansion “Rise of the Necromancer” brought a new character into the fold for season 11. Season 12 will be bringing us a a complete revamp of the class balance and boosting some of the play-styles that grew popular during the days of Diablo 2 (Frozen Orb Wizard or Whirlwind Barbarian anyone?).

If Diablo 3 were to make it’s way to the Switch there would certainly be challenges. But what would be more fun than playing it on the go? An offline mode would be needed, and maybe that is the challenge.


There could be other reasons why Diablo 3 is not made available to the Switch. There have been rumors circling the interwebs about a new Diablo 4 (or some other title) that is in the works. This could mean Diablo 3 content will start to slow.

On the flip side, there are already teasers hidden within the game-play of Diablo 3 that could introduce the popular Druid class to the game (a la Diablo 2). If this turned out to be the case, then Diablo 3 might just have the staying power and following to make it big on the Switch.

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