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Our Mission for Developers

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We want to connect the community with the developers to represent the human element behind creating a game. Games today tend to be assessed in a vacuum without the consideration for the passion, time, or effort that goes into the creation process. We want to be sure to best represent what goes on behind the scenes prior to the finished product.

Maximize Crowdfunding EffortsKnightOut_FeatureArt

You have the dream. You have the vision. You just need a couple of bucks to make it a reality. Sometimes it can be hard to get the word out to the community and create the visibility needed to succeed. That is where we come in. You can leverage our social following to help you meet your goals.

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Self-assessment is one of the hardest things to do, which is why Redonkulous Gaming is happy to provide feedback on games in the Alpha or Beta stages (under NDA) to help improve the viability and success of your game.


Review and Promote Indie Games

Redonkulous Gaming maintains a strong social following on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and our website. 

Our goals are simple

1.      We partner with game developers & publishers to bring unique insights to the consumer

2.      We create meaningful and fun content to share within the community

3.      We create awareness around indie titles during all stages of development

If there is anything you would like to see posted in the future, please leave a comment or tweet us @RedonkGaming. Subscribe to our channel on YouTube and like us on Facebook.

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