We recently profiled Qubic Games as a developer and publisher looking to do big things with the Nintendo Switch. This includes porting at least 10 new titles to the Switch in 2018. We also learned that Qubic Games took a step back and looked at the indie gaming market and identified a gap in resources available to developers.

Enter AdoptMyGame.com.

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Over time Qubic Games often found themselves in a situation where they would need to communicate with different business partners all over the world. Organizing this communication became cumbersome and was quite costly. This revealed a need for a tool to manage the information and communication with the ability to connect people throughout the gaming industry. The goal was to create something that would be especially useful to the thousands of smaller independent developers.

To learn more about AdoptMyGame, we spoke to Mikael Bourget, who is the Business Development and Marketing Manager to learn more about this blossoming business.



Mikael is a true lover of games in all their forms. From video games to card games, his passion is what has driven him to his success with Qubic Games, who he has been with for the last five years. For the last year Mikael has been primarily focused on AdoptMyGame.com and the growth and adoption of the platform.

So what is AdoptMyGame.com?

It is a place where developers are able to present their game, which can be for any platform and any stage of development. Developers are able to express their business needs when they upload their game and precise filters allow other users the ability to quickly explore all of the projects.

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From there, potential business partners can visit the developer’s profile and contact them directly. Developers can update their information at any time and the service is 100% free to use. Success of this platform is determined by the number of active projects registered and the overall traffic to the site. The platform currently contains over 1,000 registered game developers, which is something Mikael is incredibly proud of.

The short term goal for Mikael is to continue to grow the active user base. The user base is truly the lifeblood of the platform and the more users, the better off everyone is. Long term, the hope is to continue improving the tool to make it more effective and functional while also evaluating potential new features.

So what are the criteria to list your game?

There is only one criteria: you must be a legitimate game developer with a presented project that is advanced enough to certify the seriousness of your request. Once approved, your game will be showcased and developers can then be contacted by business partners such as: publishers, free press, and investors.

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Gamers can also take advantage of this tool to get a sneak peak of what is to come in the world of indies. The indie gaming industry continues to grow and draw in all types of gamers.

We have written about a couple of the games listed on AdoptMyGame such as: Knightout, Robbie Swifthand and the Orb of Mysteries, Robonauts, and Epic Loon. All of these games already have an incredible following and represent several gaming genres.


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