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Save the Ninja Clan – A Challenging Platformer Great for Speed Runners

Your ninja friends have been kidnapped by some dastardly evil enemy and you are the lucky one that did not get captured. You must set out on a journey to … Continue Reading Save the Ninja Clan – A Challenging Platformer Great for Speed Runners


InnerSpace – Gorgeous but Disjunctive Game

The background that is provided to you by the game is that the “Inverse” was created by Wind and it is this wind that keeps the Inverse intact. An ancient civilization built a network to harness the energy of the Wind but eventually this ancient civilization fell to demigods that drained the power of the Inverse.

Interview: Lienzo and Mulaka – Story Telling at it’s Finest

Mulaka is an action-adventure title set in northern Mexico during the pre-colonization era. You take the role of a Sukurúame, the equivalent to a shaman in the Tarahumara lore, and are tasked with preventing the 4th destruction of the world that is looming. You travel to exotic locations in the region while looking for demigods to gain their trust and save humanity.

Tiny Troopers Joint Ops XL: Nintendo Switch Review

If you are unfamiliar with Tiny Troopers, it is an arcade-style twin-stick shooter that has multiple campaign modes. It is a single player game with no online capability. Tiny Troopers joins other new twin-stick shooters for the Switch such as Nine Parchments, Enter the Gungeon, and Hammerwatch. 

Hammerwatch: Nintendo Switch Review

If you are unfamiliar with Hammerwatch, it is a fast paced dungeon crawler RPG. The campaign is rich enough to enjoy in single player, but it also allows multiplayer for up to four players. The game is absolutely packed with content. From the start, you are given seven playable classes to pick from each with their own unique play-style. Whether you are a solo adventurist, or playing with a group, the game does a great job of balancing the time invested with the reward gained through character upgrades and multiple play modes. 

Company Spotlight:

AdoptMyGame is a place where developers are able to present their game, which can be for any platform and any stage of development. Developers are able to express their business needs when they upload their game and precise filters allow other users the ability to quickly explore all of the projects.

Epic Loon by Macrales Studio Interview: Let’s Relive Our Glory Days! (Part 2)

We recently had a conversation with Wax, the Game Manager and creator of Macrales Studio, where we learned about the backstory and concept around Epic Loon.

For the second part of our interview, we are focusing on the game itself. Epic Loon is coming soon and there is a whole lot to be excited for!

Epic Loon by Macrales Studio Interview: Let’s Relive Our Glory Days! (Part 1)

Enter Epic Loon by Macrales Studio, the game that will give that same feeling without the potential for buyers remorse. But what the heck is Epic Loon and how can such a game wield so much power? We were lucky enough to have a chat with Wax, the Game Manager for Epic Loon to learn a little more about the 2018 Q1 title.

The Flame in the Flood: Nintendo Switch Review

The overall concept is pretty simple: Don’t Die. How to go about doing so is a little more complicated. When the game kicks off you can start a new campaign as a survival newbie or pro. If you are new to survival games, do yourself a favor and go with the easier difficulty. While most games of this genre will have you stockpile supplies early on for your journey, The Flame in the Flood forces hard decisions…