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Nintendo Switch: 1 Year Anniversary and 10 Games I Love!!!

The Nintendo Switch is over a year old now, and there have been tons of amazing games that have come out for it and a many that have left more to be desired.  This list of 10 games, are games that I keep on my Switch and continually come back to play over and over again.  There are a plethora of reasons why I come back to these games and continue to play them even after beating the game. 

Once Upon a Coma’s Early Success

Thomas Brush, the creator of the game, also gained a loyal following from Pinstripe, which released in 2017 and was met with rave reviews from sites like Destructoid. The even bigger draw comes from the popularity of Coma and Once Upon a Coma acting as its successor and sequel, with a whole new story.

Keep Your Eye on Earth Romancer

Earth Romancer has the look and feel of a platform fighter and relies on traditional mechanics found within the genre. The execution of combos and positioning are imperative to effective fighting, but the bullet-hell mechanic and the ability to dash or phase through projectiles make it even more interesting.