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Save the Ninja Clan – A Challenging Platformer Great for Speed Runners

Your ninja friends have been kidnapped by some dastardly evil enemy and you are the lucky one that did not get captured. You must set out on a journey to … Continue Reading Save the Ninja Clan – A Challenging Platformer Great for Speed Runners


InnerSpace – Gorgeous but Disjunctive Game

The background that is provided to you by the game is that the “Inverse” was created by Wind and it is this wind that keeps the Inverse intact. An ancient civilization built a network to harness the energy of the Wind but eventually this ancient civilization fell to demigods that drained the power of the Inverse.

The Way Remastered – Will Love Conquer All?

The Way was originally released on Steam on May 20, 2016. The game came out with mixed reviews and caught the attention of some players for its nostalgic throwback to Another World and Flashback. The game took a lot of cues from those games and had some struggles with its initial release. The Way has been remastered and has had some major improvements for its release on the Nintendo Switch.

Masters of Anima: Nintendo Switch Review

Masters of Anima is a very busy game and any given battle requires a lot of strategy specifically as it relates to how your Guardians are deployed. Controlling up to 100 Guardians and Otto is no small task, however the sleek console port makes it an enjoyable experience so that the player can enjoy the rest of what the game as to offer.

INFERNIUM: Nintendo Switch Review

The key differentiation in Infernium’s Hell is that danger in plain sight. Rarely will evil jump out to attack you like in most horror games. Instead, evil will present you with a challenge in which you will need to have a strategy behind all of your movements.

Nintendo Switch: 1 Year Anniversary and 10 Games I Love!!!

The Nintendo Switch is over a year old now, and there have been tons of amazing games that have come out for it and a many that have left more to be desired.  This list of 10 games, are games that I keep on my Switch and continually come back to play over and over again.  There are a plethora of reasons why I come back to these games and continue to play them even after beating the game. 

Once Upon a Coma’s Early Success

Thomas Brush, the creator of the game, also gained a loyal following from Pinstripe, which released in 2017 and was met with rave reviews from sites like Destructoid. The even bigger draw comes from the popularity of Coma and Once Upon a Coma acting as its successor and sequel, with a whole new story.

Keep Your Eye on Earth Romancer

Earth Romancer has the look and feel of a platform fighter and relies on traditional mechanics found within the genre. The execution of combos and positioning are imperative to effective fighting, but the bullet-hell mechanic and the ability to dash or phase through projectiles make it even more interesting.