Welcome to Redonkulous Gaming! Our goal is to help developers connect with gamers, and allow gamers to share their feelings and recommendations about the games they play.

Our Story

This site is made by gamers, for gamers. The gaming industry is absolutely EXPLODING and our options are greater than ever with new streaming platforms and consoles released reguarly. With these new platforms comes loads of new games and hidden gems created by individuals or smaller studios can get lost in the shuffle at times. The big titles and studios have earned their place in the market and deserve to be talked about, showcased, and critiqued. The same can be said for indie games, and that is our goal!



It’s simple really… Indie games can be just as fun to pick up and play as any of the large studio games! The problem is that most gamers are overwhelmed with options. So many consoles, so many games, but so little information to be had. Twitch, YouTube, and other streaming platforms have helped to build a WONDERFUL community of gamers in a way that most didn’t see coming. We hope to only enhance that experience, but what those platforms lack, we hope to make up for in the wonderful world of indie gaming!


Our Goal

Our goal is to help you! Whether you are a developer, a gamer, a streamer, a content creator, or just someone hungry for information, we want to help get you connected to share your feedback. We want to cultivate an open and safe community for:

  • Developers to get feedback on their games
  • Gamers to influence the creative process
  • Streamers and content creators to provide feedback to developer and gamers alike

This website is all about enhancing your experience

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