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Glaring gaps in games slated for Nintendo Switch

Who are we to complain about the library of games for the Nintendo Switch? We have seen so many new releases and the indie game developer community has done a huge service to Switch consumers providing frequent new releases weekly. So what is missing? If you look at the title picture above and slated release dates, you will notice quite a few games were delayed, which is to be expected. Another thing you will notice is that there are glaring gaps in the TBA lineup that are both Nintendo titles and desired ports available on other consoles.


5. Super Smash Bros


We will go ahead and state the obvious first. Super Smash Bros stands out more so than most due to it’s success starting with N64 followed by 3DS and Wii U. There are likely a variety of reasons why we haven’t seen much around the release of this game for Switch. The most likely is the release of Pokken Tournament DX. Nintendo likely wanted to stagger the release of these two titles. Smartly, Nintendo knows the demand for Super Smash Bros will be there in 2018, but Pokken Tournament DX was originally released to the Wii U community and therefore likely did not see the success they had anticipated due to the low adoption of Wii U. Pokken Tournament DX on the Switch has been a revelation and will continue to have an active and competitive online community.


4. Overwatch


Overwatch on the Nintendo Switch has been rumored since May. It seems both sides are interested in porting this instant classic to the Switch, but the main hang up is the technology piece. Yes, its true. It isn’t worth being in denial anymore. The Switch DOES have it’s limitations and that’s okay. If Overwatch makes it’s way to Switch we won’t care how long it took to happen, we will just be glad it got done. Having Overwatch on the Switch would be a big win for the community as a whole, but the biggest boost would be to esports.

3. Diablo 3


We are going to stick with the Blizzard game port theme here and plug Diablo 3 as another title we would like to see join the eShop. Again, the technical limitations of the Switch would be the main obstacle. Diablo 3 was made available for console making it the first Diablo game of the series to make its way outside of the PC only realm. This one may be a stretch due to the portability of the Switch and the need for Diablo to have an internet connection to play. Either way, it would be sweet to play Diablo in hand-held mode. We had posted previously about Diablo 3 and the Switch so please feel free to check out that post and comment to let us know your thoughts.

2. Earthbound


Earthbound was an amazingly odd RPG for Super Nintendo. The story was deep and the game play was crazy fun. In a way, Earthbound was a little ahead of it’s time and wasn’t taken as seriously as some of the other RPGs on the market. Fast forward many years and Earthbound STILL has a cult following to the extent that digital copies can be had on Wii U and 3DS. So pushing for the Switch version of Earthbound really is not a stretch. It would be great if Nintendo decided to refresh the game for the Switch, but beggars can’t be choosers. So I digress…

1. Super Mario RPG


How amazing was this game? The tactical nature of the fights. The swapping in and out of party members. Teaming up Bowser with Mario. It’s all pure gold. And even though nothing gold can stay, we can still hope to see this game either re-mastered or given a true successor in the form of a sequel. Personally, I long for the days of timed hits in combat based on the weapon and character being utilized. I miss the weird little blush-cheeked Geno doll. Mallow will always hold a special place in my heart.

Which is why Kuz on Twitter inspired me to Tweet something similar to Nintendo. I don’t have his same number of followers, so I hope you will join my campaign if you feel the way I do about Super Mario RPG. Just click on the below Tweet and ReTweet, share, like, etc to help turn this into a campaign!


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