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Wild Glory Review: Conquer the Crowd

Arena based games are generally a ton of fun, which explains their popularity. Most of the appeal comes from the replay-ability and the fact that the experience tends to change drastically upon each gaming session.

The experience is also enhanced by actual players, and in the case of Wild Glory up to 8 different players can play at once. The result is a chaotic arena where gladiators and lions alike go flying out of the arena.

screenshot1Wild Glory was developed by Manalith Studios and released on Steam on March 8, 2018. Three bucks is all it takes to add Wild Glory to your Steam library, and if throwing down in the arena is your jam, then Wild Glory won’t disappoint.

Game Play

Wild Glory consists of five unique game modes all with distinct goals. Each game mode takes place in the gladiatorial arena, and as previously mentioned, you can play against the AI or with up to 8 of your buddies. Will you learn to conquer the crowd and become the most acclaimed champion? Time will tell.


screenshot8Controls are very simple and while keyboard play is obviously supported, the game is very smooth on a controller. Your ‘A’ button will allow you to pick up items in the arena, such as weapons or health. ‘X’ is your main attack and can be tapped or held down. ‘Y’ will actually allow you to throw whatever you may be holding at your opponent or potentially throw your opponent out of the arena. Movement is simple and standard with the left joystick and the ‘B’ button will let you dash.

Game Modes

Classic Arena: This is exactly what you probably think it is. A fight to the death. The gladiator with the most kills is the winner. This game mode is a complete free for all.

screenshot16Co-op Lion Attack: Fight against waves of lions. SO MANY LIONS. This is a survival game mode. If the lions best you one too many times, the game ends. Collect coins and upgrade your weapons.

Sharpshooter: Glide along an ice arena in a free for all battle. This time do it with spears. Jab your opponents and toss your spears.

Explosive Soccer: There’s a bomb on the field and you must control the bomb to blow up your opponents. When you hit the bomb it’ll change color and if you send your enemies flying, you’ll gain points. When time is up a winner will be declared.

screenshot10Hammer Flag: Grab the flag, grab a hammer, collect some coins and be prepared to be targeted with the free for all capture the flag arena scenario. The coin leader becomes the champion!



  • Quick Matches
  • Variety of game modes
  • Local co-op
  • Up to 8 players
  • $2.99 Price


  • Crashes – this happens when you return to the lobby, but this will be addressed very soon per the developers
  • Movement – this can be a little choppy especially while attacking
  • Local co-op – some may complain about lack of online, but for the price this shouldn’t be expected


screenshot12Wild Glory is a tremendous bang for the buck. $2.99 for the amount of content received is a no brainer. The pixelated graphics can act as a deterrent for some, but for me personally, I love it.

Overall, Wild Glory provides hours upon hours of entertainment for pennies on the dollar. The local game play on a pc can be cumbersome if you do not have a proper set up, but overall the live player experience enhances the game even more. the five distinct game modes each provide a different flavor of arena madness and the end result is a simple, yet very fun game.

screenshot7Assuming the bugs from the last patch are fixed, there are very few cons or gripes about the game other then lack of online game play. However, the price reflects the absence of this feature.


Lions, and Gladiators, and bombs… oh my! Redonkulous Gaming gives Wild Glory a score of 7.9/10 thanks to the simplistic approach to the arena genre and appealing pixelated game play.






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