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Bouncy Bob: Nintendo Switch Review

Fresh off of their successful port of The Way RemasteredSonka Games is at it again. This time they are bringing Bouncy Bob by developer All Those Moments to Nintendo Switch. Bouncy Bob first turned heads on Steam as a bargain buy for $4.99. Bouncy Bob is not your typical platformer as it brings a whole new meaning to the word ‘simple.’

Bouncy Bob will be made available on Nintendo Switch today, April 27, for $3,99 on the Nintendo eShop.

What’s the Deal with Bouncy Bob?

Bouncy Bob is a minimalists dream come true. It is a one button game that brings new meaning to “simple to learn.” The ‘A’ button will be your best friend as you control Bob and make your way through 15 arenas, using Bob’s unique skill set to vanquish 2D zombies.

Single5 - CopyBy holding the ‘A’ button Bob will begin to rock back and forth and an arrow will appear. Releasing ‘A’ will launch Bob in the direction the arrow indicated. This is Bob’s method of movement. The longer you hold ‘A’ the higher and father Bob will travel through the air. For those hard to reach platforms, you can have Bob flap his arms and ‘fly’ while in midair by tapping ‘A’ quickly. Flying will allow you to control where Bob lands, and ideally plop Bob right on top of a zombie.

Single9 - CopyOther ways to take advantage of Bob’s bouncy demeanor is by timing his landing and tapping ‘A.’ This will allow Bob to immediately jump upon landing making him a little more mobile. You can also have Bob walk (sort of) by tapping ‘A’ when he is already on the ground.

The last form of movement comes from portals. These portals are not in all arenas, but when they are present they will teleport Bob to another section of the arena. It is important to leverage portals to help round up zombies and keep Bob safe.

Single Player

Single8 - CopyWhen you are playing the game in single player mode you are competing with yourself and against cartoony zombies that all possess different skills based on the arena. In order to gain access to new arenas, Bob must clear a set number of zombies. Once this is done, you are free to press on and experience the 15 total arenas available in single player mode.

The game will track your high score in each arena, which of course means you are free to revisit arenas to improve upon your score. Bob’s movements should be methodical. If he take’s too many hits, then it’s game over and you’ll need to start from scratch.

Single7 - CopyYou and your new best friend Bob can slay zombies in one of two ways. The first is Bob’s only means of offense, and that is to simply jump on top of them. While effective, this method will open Bob up to attack. The other option is to leverage power ups which can be found throughout the arena. Bob need only make contact with the power ups to activate them. Once activated, a cool down begins which will make the power up unusable until the timer runs out. To improve your score and keep Bob safe, it is best to allow the zombies to spawn and group them up before activating a power up to help dispatch them.


Multi4 - CopyThe Switch version of Bouncy Bob comes loaded with 5 multiplayer arenas which can support two to four players locally. The Nintendo Switch is the ideal console for a game like this due to the portability and joy-con play.

The multiplayer game mode is a battle mode, which means Bob gets to compete against his other bouncy friends in a winner take all battle. The bouncy buddy who takes down the most of their comrades is the winner. Power ups are still a big part of the game play here, as jumping on your friends is not as effective as jumping on a zombie.


Bouncy Bob is a simple game to learn, but can be relatively difficult to master. It will take some practice to aim, fly, walk, and teleport Bob all over the arena in an effective manner. The game also features three difficulty settings, which essentially just controls the game’s speed, which in turn makes Bob easier or harder to control.

Single13 - CopySince the game comes down to using a single button, just about anyone can pick this game up and play it, which makes it very accessible. The local multiplayer battle mode is a lot of fun and even got my wife (who is NOT a gamer) laughing and having fun. All in all, its a fun single player game for those who like to challenge and best themselves, but it is also a nice little party game, especially for the price.

Thanks to the $3.99 price point, simplistic (yet challenging) game play, and the multiplayer battle mode, Redonkulous Gaming gives Bouncy Bob a score of 7.8 out of 10.


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