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Dead Climb – A Simple Cliff Side Free Climbing Game



Dead Climb has a very simple premise, you are a dead person with rag doll physics that is trying to climb up and out of some pit or cliff face. The controls work by using “E” and “W” to alternate between the hands which you use to climb the treacherous wall you have been dropped onto. You have a limited amount of “goo” which acts as your stamina. As you climb and crawl up the wall you drain your “goo” but you can find your way to goo spots along the way to replenish your goo to continue climbing. The game comes with seven different locales to climb and three different modes. First there is free climbing, which allows you to casually climb up the cliff face. Second, there is time attack, which provides a limited amount of time that you must race against to get to the top. Finally, avoid danger has you climbing up the cliff while trying to dodge boulders and obstacles that fall down and try to stop your ascent.



Dead Climb is oddly addicting. From the opening sequence of watching your dead zombie body fall from a weird green portal and land on the cliff face the game definitely gave me the chuckles. The games simple premise of trying to race to the top keeps it as a fun little game to keep on the side to play when you can’t think of anything to play at all. The rag doll effects make for funny positions that your character can get into and just flopping your body around really makes me think that I am playing as a dead person.

Deadclimb Desert

The game has some flaws and bugs that if improved could really polish it out. The game is still pretty glitchy, there were times where I was climbing and would run into an area that I couldn’t climb because of bugs in the collision detection, and I couldn’t get my hands to catch onto the wall to climb. The rag doll affect would sometimes cause glitches and lead to complete glitching out of the camera to the point where the character would get thrown off the wall. There was an issue with the “Avoid Danger” mode of the game. There is no way to properly play that game mode, because no matter how you climb the rocks and obstacles spawn right on top of you so you can not dodge them at all. I tried various different levels and I couldn’t dodge the obstacles, even when I had the camera looking straight up.


Lastly, the levels looked amazing and gorgeous, but the game developers for some reason have set the backdrop to be at night and in the dark. This really masks the gorgeous backdrops which they have created and the amazing scenery that could be taken advantage of to provide something to look at while climbing the levels. I understand it fits the “dead” nature of the game, but with the darkness, the developers might as well just have created a black wall without the fly-bys and just have you climb that because you can’t see most of it in the dark.

The game still requires a lot of work, but for a basic climbing game it is a lot of fun. However, there are a lot of flaws and bugs that detract heavily from the joy of the game. Redonkulous gaming gives Dead Climb a 6.5 out of 10.


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