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Where Are They Now? Developer Update

Some time has gone by since we had time to chat with some of the developers we have featured on our site. These games are still in the process of being developed, but significant headway has been made as these games near launch. We wanted to provide our readers with an update on where they are in the development process.

Epic Loon

Shane deLumeau, CEO Ukuza, Inc

Interview Part One | Part Two

DJBo3xcUEAAF3DCThe teams at Ukuza and Macrales Studio have been hard at work porting Epic Loon to Xbox and Nintendo Switch. Porting from platform to platform normally surfaces problems or incompatibilities with the implementation of the game and limitations of each platform. We’ve been digging in deep and making sure everything works across every platform. We have Epic Loon up and running completely on Xbox with almost all bugs worked out. For Nintendo Switch, we had to rework our menu system since some of our video menus were not compatible. Our team has done an amazing job sorting out the issues in QA and we’ve come up with a menu solution that looks fantastic on the Switch.

VHS_Jaquette_Grojira-Troll-Clean-minOutside of porting, we are about to release the public demo for Epic Loon. We had our first public play of the game demo at GDC during The Other Party where Epic Loon was selected as one of the showcase games. There were large groups of people gathering around the Epic Loon play area watching players dominate the levels and bask in the nostalgia of parodied movies like Nosferatu, Jurassic Land, Alien, and Godzilla. The reception was great and we couldn’t have asked for better feedback.


Justin French, Founder and CEO Dream Harvest Studios

Interview Part One | Part Two

neuroslicersNeuroSlicers (Formally Known as Failure: NeuroSlicers) is coming to a PC/Mac near you very soon….how soon you ask….well, the Pre-Alpha test phase is commencing on the 13th April and will last approximately 8 weeks leading up to our Alpha release in August this year.

Clip1To guarantee a place on the Pre-Alpha all players need to do is join the Dream Harvest / NeuroSlicers Discord community over at and work their way up the leaderboard by interacting with the community there. Community members will be invited in waves based on their server ranking, however, if you’d like to skip the queue and get instant access to the pre-alpha, while also supporting the development of the game, you can purchase access via their Brightlocker page here:

Trio_map capture_02The Pre-Alpha will give a first taste of the competitive gameplay and ranking systems but doesn’t contain our player progression, final levels or narrative just yet. We wanted to focus on making sure the core gameplay is as solid as possible before adding our other planned systems, but it should be enough of a taste to see what we’re doing differently to other, more traditional RTS games.


Florent Goumot-labesse, Project Lead


UnleashedMainRegarding Unleashed, we’ve just finished the Kickstarter campaign, which went well ; you may have seen it, but we’ve reached 107% of our goal, which means we’ll get back quietly to development until the game is ready. We’ll still have to prepare rewards etc, but we’ll really have more dev time since the KS campaign was really time consuming. The game should be ready for this summer, like it was planned. Regarding the switch console, we don’t have any project yet but if we do we’ll let you know.

Ch_Gluttony_progress_chartLastly, if some people still want to donate for our project, they can visit our website at


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