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The Way Remastered – Will Love Conquer All?

The Way was originally released on Steam on May 20, 2016. The game came out with mixed reviews and caught the attention of some players for its nostalgic throwback to Another World and Flashback. The game took a lot of cues from those games and had some struggles with its initial release. The Way has been remastered and has had some major improvements for its release on the Nintendo Switch. The developer has enhanced the games graphics considerably, changed game and level designs based on feedback that was provided from the original game. The developer has also added a music player and HD Rumble support to the game.

The story for The Way starts out quite dark as you are standing in a graveyard on a dark and rainy night. The first objective is to dig up a body at the grave and take it back home where you put it into a chamber. The body is of your wife and you dig her up in hopes to bring her to a planet that you had explored previously that might have a way of bringing her back to life. The journey takes you through a mysterious planet with alien beings as you try to discover the true secrets of the planet and hope that they lead you to the powers that you need.


The gameplay in The Way revolves around platforming and puzzle solving. You explore the planet by jumping from platform to platform, and strategically moving from level to level to avoid the local flora and fauna that is out to kill you. You are armed with weapons to help you navigate through these challenges and must strategically use them to survive. Puzzles riddle the game and you must use your wits and sense of observation to solve the puzzles or find the missing pieces to solve the puzzles. The game also includes bosses, but not in the traditional sense. These bosses are reminiscent of bosses found in Another World (a.k.a. Out of This World in the US) where you out maneuver and trick the bosses into traps and not really fight them per se.


The Way’s story is extremely mesmerizing and gut wrenching as you try to save the love of your life, and you fight against all odds by yourself to do it. The studio adds memories which start on the budding relationship, and slowly adds character and life to the relationship as you progress through the game. The boss battles are a definite adrenaline rush. I found myself casually landing down to the next level, and suddenly being surprised by a big giant monster that I needed to outrun. Except my first instinct was to turn around and shoot at the beast and then get mained or mauled by said beast. The chase sequences were long enough, but not too long that you got frustrated by it if you didn’t time things right and died. The game was extremely fun with the multi-tiered sequential puzzles. They made you think of what you needed to do first and then next to get to your final end game. I really enjoyed the variety of puzzles that the studio put into the game, so it didn’t feel like I was doing the same puzzles again and again.


Even with all of this there were some issues with the game. The mechanics and controls match those found in Another World and this was a problem because there were some very precise jumps that would have benefited from a more fine-tuned control scheme. The clunky controls were a considerable drawback when you were trying to drop down levels and not fall too far and die. The aiming mechanic with the gun was also an issue. There were times where you had to shoot multiple fauna or floral in a row, and you would struggle to line up the shots properly. This became a big issue, as some of the floral would not die, but just be incapacitated and you had a small window to get through. When you only have 7 shots and 6 plants to shoot and need to shoot them in pairs and move forward, this became frustrating, because undoubtedly you would take too long to re-aim and one of the original plants would respawn and kill you. I found one bug in the game, which has been reported to the developer, which caused the game to reboot and reset my game completely. This was extremely frustrating as I had already gotten two hours in and had to start all over again. Finally, the game has no replayability, once you beat the game and all the puzzles you won’t need to play the game again. It will be one of those games that you beat and then put down for 5-10 years, and then pick up and play again out of nostalgia and also because you have forgotten everything about the game in that time.


The challenge and beautiful story that this game weaves cannot be overshadowed by the flaws that were pointed out. Redonkulous Gaming gives The Way a 9 out of 10.


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