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Crowdfunding Corner – April 16th

Crowdfunding is a critical component of game development, especially in the realm of indie games. With so many different websites and even more projects to comb through, gamers can easily find themselves overwhelmed.

With so many projects with all sorts of potential, we want to help gamers and investors identify a few games they otherwise may not have stumbled across. Our highlights include projects listed across four crowdfunding platforms: Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Fig, and Brightlocker.

Keep in mind, the games we have listed below are not games that we have deemed to be the “best,” but they are intriguing and show the promise and potential to be very good games in the future.

Prior Crowdfunding Corners

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This game was featured in an interview with Justin French, the CEO of Dream Harvest Games. Brightlocker gives gamers the opportunity to gain access to the pre-alpha and help make the game a reality!

Clip1NeuroSlicers is a highly tactical cyberpunk RTS that turns the genre on it’s head by focusing on fast, macro driven gameplay, arena based maps and a multiplayer driven narrative – Control clever AI powered units, use powerful hacking abilities that allow you to manipulate the battle boards and Spawn advanced weaponry and buildings that allow you to take over the network one data node at time.

Trio_map capture_02Cyber warfare just stepped up a gear. Battle it out in highly tactical real time PVP warfare with NeuroSlicers – a genre-defying new competitive real time strategy game coming out for PC / Mac / Linux and Select Consoles. With advanced AI powered units and environment manipulation at its core, NeuroSlicers offers a set of truly fresh challenges for both the seasoned competitive player as well as those looking for a deep narrative driven strategy gaming experience.



Campaign End Date:  May 16, 2018

Estimated Delivery Date: June 2019

NUTZPlanet Zarda had long forgotten the horrors of war and instability. Its inhabitants from its provinces have united under one banner in the name of peace and have crafted a world utopia. Centuries of peace have lead to partial disarmament and have long done away with improving or maintaining their military power. The peace was not to last.

The sudden invasion of the nomadic reptilian invaders known as the Saurian Horde catches the defense force of the planet off guard. They aren’t prepared to fight a proper military force that has been fighting for centuries. The objective of this alien menace? To strip bare the planet and ether consume, enslave or eradicate the populace.

NUTZ1During the initial waves of the planetary attack Sil and Saya, our game’s protagonists come under attack at an outpost. With their comrades dead and the defense forces in disarray they take the fight to the enemy themselves and reorganize the planet’s defense force.

Monster Crown

Campaign End Date: May 10, 2018

Estimated Release Date: February 2019

monster crownAs kids, we loved playing 90s Monster Catching/Taming games. Exploring these amazing worlds, packed to the brim with awesome monsters lit our imaginations on fire. I bet you felt the same!

Something that always drew us in was Monster Breeding. The idea of combining the Monsters we bonded with during our adventures to create amazing new monsters got us so excited.

monster crown1Unfortunately, we never felt like the offspring was a true crossbreed of both parents – It wasn’t a brand new species. In Monster Crown, the offspring are true mixes of both parents, in every way. This brand new speciill swing ov ees is totally yours – even to name.

As you play online, trading and battling, your creations could reach across the globe!


  • 200+ Monsters to Collect 
  • Countless Combinations to Breed 
  • A Sprawling, Wild World 
  • A Deep, Dark Story 
  • A Pivotal Choice that Drastically Changes the Ending and Post-Game
  • Online Battling/Trading

Backers will receive a link to our Private Backer Demo/Beta


Campaign End Date: May 8, 2018

Estimated Release Date: December 2019

Cosmic Horror and Sci-Fi are two ways to talk about Dolmen. It is a third person action game with RPG elements but with a lovecraftian plot that calls players to find what’s behind the darkest secret of the universe! A forgotten planet called Revion Prime will be the place where the action takes part. And it won’t be easy: Adaptation and exploration will be your main weapons as you craft new items and equipment from your enemies’ carcasses! Every step can be your last one!

Use your experience points to improve yourself and face what no human has ever faced. After all, quoting David Hume: “The life of man is of no greater importance to the universe than that of an oyster.” Maybe he was right… Or not.

dolmenThe demo will be available to all backers, after all, you’re going to be all visitors of outerspace! You will get a key by Kickstarter messages, so pay attention to your e-mails. Estimated time to receive the key is 2 hours but it can take up to 48 hours depending on the number of backers on the same period.


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