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Picture Perfect: From Light

As of April 12th, the From Light campaign has two weeks left on Fig, with 44% of their $50,000.00 goal attained. If you are unfamiliar with Fig, Fig is a community publisher. They involve the community of gamers and fans in the publishing process, with the mission of providing funding and promotion of fresh, innovative games from independent studios.

https_playfig.s3.amazonawsFrom Light has been in the works for three years and originally started as student project. While the game was still still new, it made it into PAX10 in 2015. That was the turning point for the game and the developers knew they wanted to make it bigger and better. It has been in development ever since, funded by the developers themselves…

What is From Light

From Light is a 2D puzzle-platformer starring an intergalactic creature known as Lumen. Lumen must set out on an adventure to find his friend where puzzles can be solved using photography mechanics. Lumen has the unique ability to interact with photographs and even mold them to his liking.

https_playfig.s3.amazonaws (5)Using light, Lumen can manipulate photographs to help create new platforms to reach previously unattainable locations. Light can also be used to solve puzzles or change the environment to suit Lumen’s need.

Three total acts are planned for the final game: The Canyon, The Hotel, The Solar Garden. From Light is currently planned for release on Steam and Windows via DRM-Free. However, the developers have made it known via their Fig campaign that they would love to port the game to consoles and linux as well.


The story of From Light is best summed up by the developers via Fig:

https_playfig.s3.amazonaws (2)Lumen is an interstellar nomad in search of their missing friend, Phosphor. The two kept in contact through postcards detailing their adventures. But suddenly the postcards from Phosphor stopped, the last bearing a cryptic message and depicting a vibrant tourist trap – Paradise 252-B. Upon arrival, it’s clear to Lumen the planet is not the getaway it once was. The sun is dead, plants are significantly overgrown, and the spaceport abandoned. The first sign of life to greet Lumen is Clarifly, a snap happy tour-bot eagerly awaiting their first tour ever! With Clarifly acting as tour guide and camera, Lumen must journey to the planet’s core, discover what happened to Paradise 252-B and rescue Phosphor!

There are two game mechanics which will help Lumen travel the world to find Phosphor: Freeze Frame and Long Exposure.

Mechanics and Demo

https_playfig.s3.amazonaws (1)From Light currently has a public demo available on Game Jolt, which does a wonderful job of teaching you the game’s photography and puzzle mechanics. You will also experience the first part of the story that is told through the trail of postcards left behind by Phosphor. You will also get to know the locals of Paradise 252-B. The demo is roughly 20-30 minutes long with a total of eight postcards to collect.

In order to follow the train of post cards and find Phosphor, you must learn to master Freeze Frame and Long Exposure.

https_playfig.s3.amazonaws (3)Freeze Frame does exactly what you think it might. It freezes the surrounding area in place. This can be used to phase through objects that move continuously or clone a platform to freeze it in place long enough for Lumen to interact with it.

https_playfig.s3.amazonaws (4)Long Exposure is a very fun mechanic that allows Lumen to manipulate light to draw paths and platforms. The lines that you draw can also interact with the movable objects in the world, which can help you push boxes on to platforms and open up new areas for Lumen to explore.

Nintendo Switch

The developers have mentioned that they would love to see From Light ported to consoles as a stretch goal. When we asked the developers specifically about the Nintendo Switch, Sherveen Uduwana had this to say:

We have a Switch port planned as part of our stretch goals, so the more people find out about the campaign, the likelier a Switch release gets

To see From Light make its way to Nintendo Switch and other platforms, then make sure you head over to their Fig page and pledge or invest in their campaign. The full game will provide approximately 3-5 hours of puzzles and game play.

https_playfig.s3.amazonaws (6)Fig Campaign

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