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Pig Eat Ball – Campaign Succeeded on Fig

As of April 10th, the Pig Eat Ball campaign by Mommy’s Best Games was successful on Fig. Fig is a community publisher. They involve the community of gamers and fans in the publishing process, with the mission of providing funding and promotion of fresh, innovative games from independent studios.

Pig Eat Ball certainly fits the Fig mold by creating a new game from an old arcade-style concept. To steal a line from the developers, what would happen if Pac-Man got fatter while he ate? The answer: exactly what happens to a pig that consumes tennis balls like it was delicious bacon. Only that would be cannibalism… so that doesn’t really makes sense. Either way, the end result is a barfing pig.

Why you ask? Because this little piggy is just too darn fat to fit through the door.

What is Pig Eat Ball?

PEB_w1aOuterCourts_StationYou play as Princess Bow, who is a pig fighting to take back her future from her father’s royal decree. The king has offered his daughter’s hand in marriage to whoever can win his contest. In order to stop this, Princess Bow decides to win the contest herself.

The game combines puzzle elements that allow you to open up new areas and earn power-ups/disguises.

The developer has posted a public demo to let you try the game for yourself. The demo includes:

  • 18 levels
  • 2 mid-bosses
  • 3 over-worlds
  • 3 disguises
  • 5 Party levels

The full game will feature five worlds all within the realm of King Cake’s space station kingdom.

Game Play

PEB_w1OuterCourts_TennisMatchAfterThe goal of Pig Eat Ball is to essentially eat tennis balls. If it sounds simple in concept, that’s because it is. The challenge lies in how you consume the tennis balls to advance to the next level.

The catch is that for every tennis ball Princess Bow consumes, she grows in size. To the point where she can no longer fit through doorways. In order to fit, the player must force the Princess to puke them up and then… eat them again.

PEB_w3SportsBarena2The strategy is getting all the tennis balls in to a single area where they can all be consumed at once without being forced to barf them up again. Additionally, consuming recently… evacuated tennis balls will only make you sick. If you eat too many puke-covered tennis balls, then you will inadvertently throw up again.

As you move Princess Bow around each level, she will automatically default to sucking in anything in front of her. The player has the ability to stop her from sucking in altogether, which will reduce her movement speed, but also stop her from consuming items that may hurt or cause the Princess to throw up.

PEB_PillbugsSampleAdditionally, Princess Bow can perform a speed burst which will allow her to break some items in the environment to open up new areas of a level. It can also act as your main line of defense from Pillbugs, which are a constant nuisance to the Princess.

Power-ups can be discovered throughout the worlds in the form of disguises. Items such as red plastic lips can be equipped to increase your sucking distance to help you eat hard to reach tennis balls that are not in your immediate field of movement.


PEB_w1OuterCourts_bossAll of the levels in Pig Eat Ball are hand crafted and unique. In many ways, the game is a tribute to Pac-Man, but in others it is a modern day update on the arcade classic. You’ll navigate your way through maze after maze consuming tennis balls and getting chased by things that want to turn you into bacon.

Each world has several unique boss fights, each with their own challenges that will force Princess Bow to be at her best.

At the end of each level, you will be given a score which will correlate to medal ranking. A Bronze medal can be viewed as a participation trophy for just making it through the stage. A gold medal is awarded for efficiency and if you love competing in timed runs, then Pig Eat Ball might be for you.

PEB_wwNewDisguisesAs previously mentioned, secrets and power-ups can be found in the form of disguises. The completed game will have over 40 disguises to be found that can all grant Princess Bow special abilities. The catch with disguises is that for every perk they offer there will be a negative affect applied. The player must weigh the advantage of a disguise against the disadvantage to determine when and how to use.

Multiplayer modes are also planned for Pig Eat Ball which will support up to four players. A level editor mode will also be implemented which will allow you to create your own levels and share them with friends.


Thanks to the successful Fig campaign, you will now be guaranteed your copy of Pig Eat Ball if you decide to become a backer. There are a bunch of rewards also available by backing different tiers. to reserve your copy of Pig Eat Ball and stake your claim to some game swag, visit the Fig campaign page to make your pledge.

Pig Eat Ball will be made available on Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, Linux, Mac, and Windows. When asked about a Nintendo Switch release, the developer had the below to say:


logoFig Campaign Page

Mommy’s Best Games Website

Pig Eat Ball Demo

Developer Twitter


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